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You have to earn the award Best Vehicles i think, or just do really well with vehicles.

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Q: How do you do a vehicle drops on enemy territory quake wars?
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Does enemy territory quake wars have bots in?


Is enemy territory quake wars 4 player?

No. Only Single Player.

What are the ratings and certificates for Enemy Territory Quake Wars - 2007 VG?

Enemy Territory Quake Wars - 2007 VG is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M France:-16 New Zealand:M South Korea:15 UK:15 USA:T

Is enemy territory quake wars on split screen for x box 360?

there is NO splitscreen and it is for xbox 360

Does Enemy Territory Quake Wars have co-op player?

I'm positive it does but I can't find a way to host a game.

Is their a single player mode for enemy territory quake wars?

Yes, but from what I know only on the PC. Its just bot matches though.

Does enemy territory quake wars run on windows 7?

Yes, as long as you have COMODO turned off, it works for me, I have windows 7 Ultimate.

Is Quake wars enemy territory two player?

The PC version is an online multiplayer game but I'm not sure about PSP, Xbox etc. versions

In quake wars enemy territory how do you get into vehicles?

You move up to the vehical until you see a arrow pointing to it, and then press (if you have a PC) G. You can change the keybinds in the options menu.

How can you speak in the online game of enemy territory quake wars ETQW Ive got a microphone but it still doesnt make sound?

You need to set a key in order to use the voice feature of the game. Look in your controls and settings.

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