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flip the ones in the exact middle the 4 in teh exact middle

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Q: How do you do fliporama in click play rainbow?
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What is the answer to spot on on click play rainbow?

Your job is to spell PLAY,the code is 1612125.

How do you pass the game click play rainbow on level fan-tastic?

u click on the fan peice then move it over then repeat

How do you get the rainbow puffle on cp?

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How do you make rainbow text in Microsoft PowerPoint?

On your computer there should be a little blue 3D A on the drawing toolbar. Click that, and there should be a range of text. Click the rainbow one, type your text, click OK and yes.. You have rainbow text.

Is there any games like imvu for kids?

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How do you use the rainbow maker on moshi monsters?

If you double click on the Rainbow Maker, you will see this machine work.

What are rainbow hearts on panfu?

You can find Rainbow Hearts in where your water ballon is, when your computer mouse is on it. You need to click on the waterballon and then you see the Rainbow with small hearts.

How do you get the shark on happy akuarium facebook?

when you first play happy aqarium a popup well show up and it well say (do you what a free super rare rainbow shark) click get my shark it well open a new tap and it well say download gamebar now click that and it well download in about 1 min then type this in the gamebar (happy aqarium) then when you play happy aqarium a baby rainbow shark well be in your tank!!!

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To play you click... To play you click...

Would someone tell you if the rainbow puffle is real?

well i can tell you how to get one on club penguin say rainbow go to the pet shop open the red catalog click on the red puffle go to the end of the catalog double click the carrot in the green puffles mouth say rainbow rainbow then dance until you stop go to your igloo your rainbow puffle should be there

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you get it and then when you press it a star might come. then you need to click it and then it makes a rainbow! to say the truth thats all i know!

How do you make the writing rainbow on picto chat for DS?

you just have to have a dsi and you click on the penciltwo times and then you can write with rainbow .Totally cool!