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You have to have a ***** ** *** ***** **** ** *** window. The magician hands the deck of cards to a person and says pick a card. Magician covers his eyes, says - show the card..... I'm not the person who originally posted the above answer, but I am modifying it. The rest of this explanation has been edited due to the exposure of the trick. It's not right or fair to expose magic tricks in a public forum accessible to everyone, as this ruins the magic and livlihoods of those who earn a living performing illusions such as this one. At least have enough respect for those people who entertain for a living not to ruin their act by exposing, whether correctly or, in this case incorrectly, the effect.

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Q: How do you do the card through window magic trick?
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A magic trick?

Google asy card change magic, its a neat little closeup magic trick which is easy to do and great for spectators.

What is a magic trick that is easy?

Try the Card Warp

How does ukranian card trick work?

cant tell you, its magic

Which magic trick did criss angel's aunt show him that inspired him to do magic tricks?

It was a simple card trick that he was shown at the age of 6. :D

How do you do magic card through the window?

i hate to spoil the secret but if you really want to know. The card through window trick is that you will need two things, first a deck of cards, preferably bad cards since your going to throw it. And secondly you will need another person. Yeah, yeah I spoiled everything. You need a shill, a shill is a magician's assistants. So what happens is you make the audience back face a window and the shill has to have the same kind of card then you. You tell the spectator to choose a card any card, and most likely your shill will see the card your audience has and quickly glues it to the wall of lick the card. After that at the right time you throw the cards onto the wall and tada!!! I spoiled a awesome trick.

How did Criss Angel do the throwing the card at the motorcycle trick?

it was true magic. I swear.

How did criss angel become interested in magic?

Criss Angel became interested in magic when his grandma taught him a card trick at the age of 7.

How do you do the magic trick where four coins invisibly jump under four aces?

Go to or and search for Matrix Card Trick. The trick is also cool without cards.

How do you do Howard's magic card trick?

Howard's magic trick from the Big Bang Theory (Season 4, Episode 18 - "The Prestidigitation Approximation") is fake. Howard only created the card trick to befuddle Sheldon and make him go crazy. Raj and Penny were just playing along with Howard and fooling Sheldon to think it's real.

What is a good magic trick?

Card tricks a normally work and any other tricks just try your best!

How do you identify card sets of magic the gathering?

On all magic cards from "Exodus" (circa 1999) to present, there is a small symbol at the bottom right of the illustration that signifies what set a magic card is from. The trick is being able to put a name to each different symbol.

How do you do simple card trick?

if you want to learn simple card tricks i would check out the website master your magic. they do simple card tricks and some complicated ones to. heres the link believe me you wont be dissapointed.

What age did criss angel start doing magic?

Age 6. His Aunt Stella showed him a card trick and he got hooked!

What major credit card company sponsors the MAGIC Card?

The magic card is sponsored by Master Card.

What was David Blaine's first trick?

A card trick

What are facts about criss angel?

Criss Angel was born on the 19 of December 1967. Criss first learned magic when his aunt told him a card trick.

Does the magic card scape goat stay in the magic card zone after its summoned?


Easy magic tricks for kids?

There is a chocolate pull trick here is some easy steps how to do it1. get any sort of chocolate and hide it in your sleeve (don't let a person see you getting the chocolate)2. put your arms round a persons neck and pull out the chocolate in your sleeve3. show to person the chocolate and they will be amazed!see easy? try this trick its easy and fun also there are a couple more magic tricks i could tell you here you go1. coin magic trick1. get 2 1p coins and a 10p coin a 50p coin or a pound and hide it in your sleeve 2. show the person the 1p coin and get them to hold it3. blind fold there eyes so they cant see4. take the 1p coin and very gently take the other 1p coin away so they don't feel it and put it in your sleeve5. then take the more exspensive cash out your sleeve and take the 1p coin away and hide it in your sleeve6. and then un-blinde fold there eyes and they will see that the 1p coin has turned into a different coin and wont be able to find the 2 1p coinsGlossary1. Coin magic trick 2. Scarf magic trick3. Card magic trick2.Scarf magic trick1. first get a scarf and wrap it round your neck 2. tie it in a bow or a not at the back of your neck you should be able to un-tie it quickly3. really really fast un-tie it and then pull it and then the people will see you just pulled it and it will look in-possible to them3. Card magic trick1. get any card (etc) Christmas card,birthday card,2. hide another in the card smaller then the bigger card3. blinde fold a persons eyes4. very quickly get the small card out and hide the big card in your jeans shorts (etc)5. un-blinde fold the persons eyes6. it will seem to them the big card has turned into a different card

Can magic be in a gothic story?

This depends on the "gothic" outlook you are going for, magic to most is considered something odd or next to impossible---i.e. love at first sight, or a card trick. magick is considered to be part of the pagan religion such as Wicca.

Is card or coin magic cooler?


What magic trick should you buy for your brother?

it would be cool to get him maybe a fake wand that he can play with or if he is your older brother get him a deck of cards and and book full of card tricks

What is the animated movie where the girl looks through a pile of books in the attic for a magic book?

card captors?

How do you do floating card magic tricks?

there's many floating card tricks like hummering bird trick I can't say it now I suggest you to go on and type in hummering bird tricks tutorials I learn it from there!

Is there any kind of mystical magic other then card tricks and things like that you can perform that is not evil or anti-christian?

if you perform a Trick it is not magic. (almost all magicians work with tricks you just dont know and therefore its "magic") If you do something which you cant to with mathematics, chemistry or physically (ma by I forgot some) it is magic.

What is the 673 king street card trick story?

The 673 King Street is a magic trick using a deck of cards made famous by James Galea. The crucial part of the trick is to put the cards in a certain order then the magician does a series of false cuts and shuffles whilst keeping the cards in the same order.