How do you do the criss cross method?

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The Criss Cross Method is used to find the general formula for ionic compounds. For monatomic ions, you simply take the absolute value of the ionic charge for the positively charge ion and make it the subscript for the negatively charged ion and vice versa. Example: Al +3 and Cl -1 The 3 becomes the subscript for the chloride ion and the 1 becomes understood for aluminum, to form aluminum chloride: AlCl3 Ionic compounds that form from polyatomic ions can also make use of the criss cross method. The only additional step is to include parenthesis around the polyatomic ion if it has a subscript other than one. Example: Mg+2 and OH-1 The 2 becomes the subscript for the hydroxide ion, but a set of parenthesis is needed to indicate 2 of each the O and the H. The 1 becomes the understood subscript for Mg. Magnesium Hydroxide: Mg(OH)2
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If a is to b as c is to d, a x d = b x c. The product of the means (b & c) equals the product of the extremes (a & d).

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The crisscross method uses the oxidation state (valence) of eachelement or ion. In this example, aluminum (Al) has an oxidationnumber of 3+. Nitrogen has an oxidation number of 3-. So, therereally is no crisscross, because they are both the same, and theywould combine to make aluminum nitride, AlN. ( Full Answer )