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You don't even need social club. Just open your game tray and put GTA4 in!

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You Can't...

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Q: How do you download gta 4 without rockstar games social club?
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When was Rockstar Games Social Club created?

Rockstar Games Social Club was created in 2008.

How Do you download GTA from rockstar games classics?

You dont you youyouyouyou... what was the question again?

How do you download GTAfor PC?

The game can be bought through the Rockstar website, or through Steam. Although Steam is recommended for ease of access, it's still relatively easy to download from the Rockstar website. Just head to their downloads page, and download the GTA5 launcher.

What logo is a black R with a star on a gold background?

Rockstar Games

Can you download games without iTunes?

You can't download games without iTunes because you have to use your iTunes gift card or you can your credit card and social code otherwise you can't get a game for free

When was Rockstar Games created?

Rockstar Games was created in 1998.

How do you delete rockstar games social club?

right click it and hit delete u r done.

Who founded Rockstar Games?

Rockstar Games is owned by Take-Two Interactive. I believe that Take-Two Interactive founded Rockstar Games in 1998.

How much is gta 2 for ps1 worth?

Not a lot of money, a Rockstar Games themselves have released it free for download on their website.

Is there a game called GTA San Andreas Tokyo Drift?

It is not a new game just a download developed by Rockstar Games

Can you download gta2 for free?

Yes, Rockstar let's you download it for free along with some other old games( including gta1).Just go to:

Where can you download computer games without registering and without download?

Well your asking where can you download games without downloading ._. so nowhere