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How do you download music to an MP3 player?

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The way I do it is to plug my mp3 player into my laptop with the USB cable provided with it. I then use Window's Media Player to sync with my mp3 player, and to sync any music on my laptop onto the mp3 player. You can set the settings with Media Player to say what media you want on your player.

You can also just manually drag and drop the songs into the conveniently labeled "music" folder, if your mp3 player is that convenient.

2010-08-10 23:48:19
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How do you download music to a eclipse mp3 player?

how do i download music to my media player eclipse

How do I download music to my car MP3 player?

I never have heard of doing this. I believe that you have download music to your MP3 player and then plug it in to your car stereo.

How do you put music on your mp3 player?

you have to download it.

How do you get music on an MP3 player?

You need to download music onto your computer and then download onto the mp3. You can also buy music off of the internet.

How do download iTunes music to Sony mp3 player?

By default, iTunes Music uses AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format. You cannot download iTunes music to Sony MP3 Player. To transfer iTunes files or other files to your portable player, you can use a third-party tool like Macsome iTunes Converter. It is able to download iTunes files and Apple Music songs to MP3, so that you can transfer iTunes music to Sony MP3 Player or other devices without limits.

How do you download games on your mp3 player?

You cannot download games on a mp3 player unless it is designed to be more than just a music player.

How do you download music onto your sansa mp3 player without deleting music already on it?

you can download music from soubory or airmp3 then drag it from a folder to the mp3 player which appears like a USB .

Can you download music from iTunes to an MP3 player?


What can be used to download music on a MP3 Player?

You can download a thing called audacity then find ur music on youtube or whatever and record it then export as mp3 and put on mp3

What are some websites I can use to download music to an mp3 player?

Some of the top websites to download music for an mp3 player are:,,, and

Who do you download music on to a mp3?

If you have a computer put the download cable* in the downloading section an put whatever music you want to download *the download cable should come with your mp3 player

How do you download music to mp3 player?

Open your mp3 player on your computer as you would a removable disc (Like a thumb drive), place the music you want into the appropriate folder, and there you have your music on your mp3 player. If you have an Apple product you will need to download Itunes to load any music, and if your mp3 player came with its own program then you will have to load the program to load the player.

Can you download music from your onyx mp3 on itunes?

Yes, one can you download music for the Onyx mp3 player from iTunes. This involves first downloading the music onto the PC and then transferring the files to the player.

Can you download music from iTunes to a Element mp3 player?

No. This is an MP3 player. Itunes can only be played on a Ipod.

How do you download youtube videos to an MP3 player?

if you download music on your laptop you can problablysend it to your mp3 but itdepends on what laptop you have

Can you download music onto a mp3player?

Yes you can download any type of music onto a mp3 player

How do you download songs onto an MP3 player?

depends on your MP3 player, but normally use a USB cable and a sinc software. In case of iPod, it uses iTunes to download music to the MP3 player.

How do you download music from computer to an mp3?

You'll need to ellaborate your answer. Most music is already in mp3 format these days. Do you mean download to an MP3 player or other portable media device?

Can you download music from iTunes to a Philip's MP3 player?


Can you download music from iTunes to a RCA MP3 player?


Is it safe to download music from Limewire on an mp3 player?


Where can you legally download free music for an mp3 player?

i tunes

Where can you download music to a mp3?

on itunes or windows media player

Do you have to use Windows Media Player to download music to a MP3 player?


How can you describe the MP3 player?

It plays music and you have to download the things that you want on your computer then you upload them on your MP3.