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get it out of your inventory and drag it to the base where it turns green

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Q: How do you drag the jenny statue to the base on woozworld?
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How do you give people a key on woozworld?

drag it on em

How do you put stuff in your unitz on woozworld?

You drag it out of your inventory and put it anywhere you want.

What do you do to get Orson in the werehouse on woozworld?

idk plz help me you drag the crates on the grey platforms

How do you use foodz on woozworld?

Easy! you find your food in actions then put a table down like coffee table then drag your food on the table!

Poptropica how do you place the jewels on the nabooti statue?

Click and drag the gems to go in the statue. From the bottom to the top they go: Blue white red green purple.

How do you use spells on woozworld?

I know how. First, click on the LIGHTING BUTTON, then, click on that spellz you want to use, next, drag that spellz to someone or you then it will work.

How do you remove someone off your relationship kiosk on woozworld?

Go to your relationships, and drag the person you want deleted into the garbage can, it will ask are you sure you want to delete whoever.

How do you download woozworld hack 1.0?

you load out ur system then go to filess and click reload and then loggin and drag it to ur filess easy as pumpkin pie

How do i break a relationship in woozworld?

Go to your profile, click the relationship navigator, click and drag the woozen to the bin icon. And if it doesn't work. Simply try again then it should work :)

What are some of the things you can make in Sy-Fy's imagination springs besides the medals?

Umbrella Trees-drag the statue of a person with an umbrella onto a treeAir Fresheners-drag a white car onto a treeFlower Windmills-drag the parked yellow car onto a street lightPurple Trees-drag a tree onto another treeFirefly Trees-drag a lamp post onto a tree

How do you put things in shopods in woozworld?

u got to booya and buy one the go to ur units and click and drag it yo the floor the open it up and put close on it add me my name is opejk

How do you trade cloths on wooz world?

you go to your inventory then go to your clothes section. make a trade with someone, then drag out what you are willing to trade in your section ps-add Hotxus, Bfftwd, Immacoolcat, and Cutewolfy on woozworld! :D