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How do you drain the rear end on a 1998 ford ranger?

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Remove "Banjo" cover

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Is a ford ranger 1998 a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

A 1998 Ford Ranger is rear wheel drive ( or 4X4 capable )

What year rear windows can you use on a 2004 ford ranger?

Replacements for the rear window on a 2004 Ford Ranger are the same for 1998-2004.

Where is the oil drain plug on a 2000 Ford Ranger 2.5 4 cylinder?

The oil drain plug on the 2000 Ford Ranger is on the rear of the oil pan. It is located under the vehicle near the center.

How do you install a rear window on a 2000 Ford Ranger?

How do you install a rear sliding window on a 2000 Ford Ranger?

What is the cylinder numbering on a 1998 Ford Ranger V6?

front to rear..drivers side-456 pass side-123

Does a 2004 Ford Ranger have shocks or struts?

For a 2004 Ford Ranger : Shock absorbers , front and rear

Where is the transfer case on your 2003 Ford Ranger?

The transfer case for a 4x4 is bolted to the rear of the transmission on your Ford Ranger

Rear axel removal on 1998 Ford Expedition?

how do you remove the right rear axle on a 1998 ford expedition?

How do you remove the brakes on a Ford Ranger?

is it front or rear

Do a 1995 Ford Ranger XL have shocks or struts on the front?

A 1995 Ford Ranger has shock absorbers on the front and rear

How do you remove the rear drum brakes on a 1998 Ford Escort?

How do you remove the rear drum brakes on a 1998 ford escort

How to remove Ford Ranger rear window?

How to remove 2000 ford ranger rear window. Need to replace would like to replace with a sliding window need instructions how to do it

Where is the engine oil drain plug located on the 4.0 liter engine in a 1997 Ford Ranger?

Under the engine is the oil pan. The plug is located at the bottom rear edge of the pan, facing the rear of the engine.

Location of freeze plugs on a 1993 ford ranger 2.3L engine?

are there freexe out pluges on rear of block on a 2.3 engine ford ranger

Can i get a 1998 ford escort rear brake diagram?

brake diagram for 1998 ford escort

Where is the PCV valve on 1998 ford ranger xlt 4 liter?

on the engine valve cover , drivers side , towards rear of cover , near firewall

Where is the drain plug on a 88 ford mustang for the rear end?

There is no drain plug. Only a fill plug. You have to remove the cover to drain the rear end. Use RTV to reseal it.

How do you remove rear axle bearing from a 2003 Ford Ranger?


Where is the Transmission on a Ford Ranger XLT?

The transmission is bolted to the rear of the engine

Spare tire on a 2002 ford ranger?

A spare tire on a 2002 Ford Ranger can be found on the underside of the rear of the truck. The tire can be removed with a ratchet.

Is a 1996 ford contour transmission the same as a 1996 ford ranger?

No. The Contour is a front-wheel drive car, and the Ranger is rear wheel drive.

Where is the drain plug on a 2002 Ford F150 differential?

front or rear? the front is slightly higher and rear of the drain... the back has a cover you remove to drain the fluid and a fill on the front of the diff..

Does the 1998 Ford Ranger have abs breaks?

On the 1998 Ford Ranger , rear ABS brakes were standard on the XL and XLT 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel ABS was an option on the 2 wheel drive models. The more expensive 4x4 XLT version came with 4 wheel ABS according to my Consumer Guide book - Helpfull My Ranger does have 4 wheel ABS.

Do 2000 Ford Rangers have shocks or struts?

On a 2000 Ford Ranger : Shock absorbers , front and rear

Do you have rear or 4 wheel abs in your 1998 Ford Ranger?

In a 1998 Ford Ranger : I'm not a mechanic / technician but one thing that I have noticed is that fuse # 14 ( In the drivers end of the dash , the fuse panel cover is visible with the drivers door open ) is a 20 amp fuse if it is the Rear Anti-lock Brake System and its ONLY a 10 amp fuse if its the four wheel Anti-lock Brake System