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All u got to do is press L1 and 0 and the same time.

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Q: How do you dunk and do alley-oop's on NBA 2K6 for PS2?
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Does PS2 have slam dunk contest?

They have NBA Live games, which have slam dunk contests.

Is the slam dunk contest for nba 2k8 on ps2?

its in tounament mode

Where is the dunk contest on NBA 2k10?

to get to the NBA 2k10 dunk contest go to the menu. From there select game modes. After that go to NBA Blacktop. Dunk Contest is first on the list, But the ps2 doesn't have it

How do you do the dunk contest on NBA live?

It depends on which NBA Live you are talking about. On PS2 it should be a mode under NBA allstar weekend.

Can you create a slam dunk contest in NBA Live 10 for Ps3?

there is no DC (dunk contest) on the 2k9 for the ps2

How do you throw an alley op to yourself and then dunk it in Nba live 08 ps2?

You probably can't in a game but in a slam dunk contest you can.

How do you dunk on nba 2k10 on ps2?

You run up to the hoop while sprinting and shoot it

Does anyone have any slam dunk combos for nba live 09 ps2?

I´m only playing on the x box, but the combos are still the same as in s005 on ps2. so: Run:L1+Quadrat Dunk: triangle = Elbow in the rim. Run:L1+circle Dunk: L1+circle = cartwheel+2times through the legs Run: X DUnk: Triangle = 360 Windmill

Ps2 nba 07 slam dunk contest dunks?

the 720 spin the left stick twice while holding one modifier and y

Is there a dunk contest in nba 2k11?

Yes there is a slam dunk contest on nba live 10. they have all the all star games.

Will NBA 2010 be on PS2?

NBA Live 10 is not out for the PS2 and will not be released

Where can you get NBA live 10 for ps2?

Not a PS2 game and is a PSP PS3 and Xbox 360 game You can get NBA Live 09 for the PS2