How do you earn money on ijji Ava?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Focus on one class and try to get all the ribbons until only the time limit ones remain. Also you should only have one gun per class until you reach Lt.

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Q: How do you earn money on ijji Ava?
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Is AVA from IjjI a player vs player game?


Where do you download AVA?

Go to and download the annoying ijji Reactor. After you made an ijji account or signed in using Facebook, press on the AVA picture and press the big yellow button that says "Download".

Is there a different between ava on steam or ava on ijji reactor?

The Steam version of AVA has Steam achievements built in, as well as automatic updates through Steam and activity tracking.

When was Ijji created?

Ijji was created in 2006.

Any games like gunz?

LOTS ... war rock battelfieldheros wolf team AVA there's a few more check ijji or EA or ariea games for some

Do ijji games give you viruses?

No. Ijji games are completely legit.

Does ijji have any stratagy games?

Atlantica is a strategy game published by IJJI.

Are there any games like cross fire they have to be free?

No have has to be free, but there are other games like CrossFire that are free, like Soldier Front and AVA (by IJJI) And there's also another one called Combat Arms.

Why is ijji poker removed?

Because IJJI decided they wanted to lose several thousand members

Why isn't your GunZ-Online downloaded off of a website called ijji not working?

It might be due to your computer, or from getting from ijji.

Is ijji safe?

Yes. AVG Antivirus has a bug that shows some of ijji's games as malware (Genesis AD, Gunz, Soldier Front etc.)

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