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With your hands and mouth

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What does Miley Cyrus like in a guy?

Miley Cyrus likes in a guy when he is hot and kind and funny

Are Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment hot?

Yes, some people might think Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment are hot.

Was Miley Cyrus murdered?

no she is invinsible and hot

Why are people talking about Miley Cyrus kissing her boyfriend?

They're talking about it because Miley Cyrus is a hot topic for a lot of people. ;)

How many people think Miley Cyrus is hot?

a lot!

How hot is Liam hemsworth?

He's dating Miley Cyrus

Who is hotter Colbie Caillat or Miley Cyrus?

None of them are Hot

Is Miley Cyrus Still Hot music wise?


Is kendall schmidt married to Miley Cyrus?

NO If u think strange not cool Miley and HOT HOT SUPER HOT Kendall Schmidt is dating.

Can a dog eat a hot dog?

Yes, a dog can eat a hot dog and it will not hurt them.

Does Zac Efron think Miley Cyrus is hot?

no but he still has feelings

What are some contributions that Miley Cyrus did?

She gladly pulled her pants down in front of the press! go to google images and type in hot pics of Miley Cyrus

Is Demi Lovato nicer than Miley Cyrus?

Demi lovato is nice but you got to tell the truth, Miley Cyrus is way more kind and HOT!

Is Miley Cyrus not the most popular singer?

no Rihanna is ,because no body like Miley Cyrus is not all that cool in some ways and not hot she tore her family apart.

Is Miley Cyrus one of the hottest teens?

Prob not. But she's still hot.

Who is better Miley Cyrus or drake bell and why?

SO drake bell he is hot

Why did Miley Cyrus decide to pole dance?

Because she thinks shes hot!

Why is Miley Cyrus disliked?

Because The Way She Changed Into a Hot Sexy Girl.

Is it legal for Justin Gaston to date Miley Cyrus?

Yes it is illegal.No sexual contact etc, And a hot underwear model and Miley Cyrus have never kissed?? Yes rite.

Did Miley Cyrus sing Hot n' Cold?

No, Katy Perry sings hot 'n cold

Who is billy ray Cyrus kid?

billy ray Cyrus's kid is Miley Cyrus famous hot pop star of the year

Is it easy for Miley Cyrus to be a pop star and actress?

yes when you are as hot and talented as she is you can do anything yes when you are as hot and talented as she is you can do anything

Bill and bob each eat a hot dog Mike and Micheal each eat a burger in total 3 people eat hot dogs and 2 people eat burgers Who ate the last hot dog?

There "hot" dog!:)

How olds Miley Cyrus?

She is 17 she turns 18 on November 23rd, 2010!shes hot ;)

Was Britain asked by the USA to sink some of their own ships after WW1?

No but Miley Cyrus is hot

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