Clams Oysters and Scallops

How do you eat clams?


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First take the clam grab a chainsaw and shred it to bits so when you have the little bits, glue then to your butt more taste.Then freeze them for 2 weeks then leave out in the sun for 9 years .Once thats done put in hypor millenium tazer and electricute them for 1 year that throw them away cause that would be gross.Thanks


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I know that otters eat clams; but I don't know what other creatures eat clams as well.

No. They don't eat clams and rocks!

No, clams are animals.

Yes, some types of crabs eat clams.

Raccoons will eat anything they can get their paws on, including clams.

you should eat freshwater clams/oysters

yes, sea stars can eat clams. They use their tube feet to open the shells and then eat the clams tissue.

A lot of people eat clams.

maybe they eat other clams and other fish

beavers do not eat freshwater clams and we say 'quad'.

Clams do not eat seaweed. They are filter feeders and they eat plankton.

No theey don't eat shrimps. Clams do not eat things like shrimp.

other clams oysters and scallops

clams filter microorganisms from the water. they don't hunt or "eat" anything.

Some animals that eat clams are crabs, snails, monkeys, too.

Yes, they love it.Clams are also good to eat!^_^

They can eat up to One-Thousand clams at one time.

Grass does not grow under the ocean so clams cannot eat it.

Fish do like to eat clams which are a popular food among the animal world. Other animals that like to eat clams are shorebirds, starfish and people.

Starfish eat clams they can pull open a clam shell the slitest little bit and put their stomach inside the clam eat eat the inside of the clams.Starfish love to eat clams

Not all seals eat clams, but many do. To eat clams and other shellfish, seals use their powerful jaws and sharp teeth to crack open shells.

Most clams that use a filter feeding system eat phytoplankton. Most phytoplankton are edible for clams, however there are some species that produce toxins that will kill clams.

Yes, clams do eat. They are filter feeders filtering water for microscopic animals and plants.

yes, they use there beaks and cut open the shels of the clams and eat them :D

No they do not eat calms

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