How do you elbow someone?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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bend your elbow into position then aim for the face/ nose area. make it nice and quick and keep going until they die

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Q: How do you elbow someone?
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What is someone saying when they tap their elbow wit the palm of their hand?

In Mexico, when someone taps their elbow and says "codo"in reference to another, they are saying that that particular person is cheap.In terms of wrestling, it could mean someone is about to elbow you.Hope this helps!

Can you give someone psoriasis on their prostate if you have it on your elbow?

No. Psoriasis is not a contagious disease, even if you did in some way manage to bring your elbow into contact with someone's prostate.

What is To dig someone in the ribs?

I think its when you elbow them in the ribs

When you hit you elbow what does it mean?

I was told it means someone likes you

What should you do when someone pulls your hair in a fight?

elbow them in the stomach

What does it mean if you dream about someone rubbing your elbow?

Rubbing the elbow has no particular symbolic significance. It is possible that the dreamer's elbow rubbed against something during sleep, and that sensation triggered the dream.

Why can't I lick their elbow?

If you lick someone elses elbow it would be disgusting but you can't lick your own elbow because your neck and tongue just cannot stretch that far! Try it! NOW!

How do you make someone faint by pinching their elbow?

how do u pass somebody out in elbow

Is it true there is sperm in a womans elbow?

No. Or if there is then someone has been very careless.

How do you elbow someone in fifa 10?

You run next to them and hold the circle button

What does slamming the midget with your elbow mean in volleyball?

It Means Elbowing Someone in the Doodle

What is a weenies?

It is a slang term that someone made up for the loose patch of skin outside one's elbow. The skin is more properly called the olecranal skin, covering the point of the elbow (olecranon).