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How do you end a 10-year relationship with a lover?

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Sit the person down and polietly tell them that you can't see them anymore.

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How do you forget to lover?

you can forget a lover by going into a different relationship

Can you sue your lover for emontioal stress?

You can sue for anything, but it doesn't mean you will win. We would end the relationship and get on with our lives.

What is the difference between a lover and a best friend?

A lover (sexual) is a conditional relationship, where a best friend (Platonic) is, or should be an unconditional relationship.

Can you have a real relationship with your lover after you both leave your spouses?

no its impossible to have such a relationship

How do you know your lover is sincere about your relationship or not?


Lover meaning what?

The word lover is used to refer to someone who is having a sexual or romantic relationship.

Why does a woman stay friends with a lover?

The reason why they stay friends with a lover is because they where not friends from the start of the relationship.

What was the relationship between alcibiades and socrates?

it was a relationship of a lover and his beloved as alicibiades was rejected by Socrates .

What relationship do Mizuki and Kazuki have in Comic Party?

as a lover

Lover abandons relationship?

He obviously is not interested anymore and moved on.

What do you call a person who likes being in a relationship?

A lover.. :) Or, they can be needy?

First lover of sahid Kapoor?

First lover of shahid kapoor was kareena. They were in a relationship. They then broke up after some time.

Why would a wife do things with her lover that she won't do with her husband?

Part of the thrill of cheating is the idea that you don't have to be yourself I think, but perhaps if she feels the things she is doing with her "lover" are more the things that she wants to be doing she should admit this to herself and do the "right" thing and not stay with the husband even if she doesn't end up being with the "lover" in the end either. Cheating often exists when there are other problems in an existing relationship.

How do you get your ex girlfriend back after a 10year relationship even though she side its over.?

Start going to the gym and getting really buff. She'll dig your new muscles, and that will do it.

Compulsive Lying in Relationships?

If your both unhappy and your lover is lying to you constantly, you might want to end the relationship . Because if you continue this and you might want to go deeper into this relationship but you don't trust each other; that might lead into affairs.

Does mattybraps date 10year olds?


How do you develop deeper relationship with lover?

by trust , faith , compromises and understanding !

What would happen if you beat up a cheating lover?

If the cheating lover is a woman then men simply do notbeat up their male lover, but have the fortitude to be strong and move on. If it is a male lover cheating the same applies to the female counterpart you do not beat up the male lover and move on from the relationship.

Why does a guy wants to kiss his lover?

this is usually because that person is his lover. however, sometimes people believe that a kiss can tell a lot about a relationship.

What is the average age too lose your virginity?


When did Latin Lover - TV series - end?

Latin Lover - TV series - ended in 2002.

What is a passive lover?

A person who lets BIG problems in a relationship slip by easy

What is the difference between a girlfriend and a lover?

For a guy a 'girlfriend' is someone he is serious about and is in a committed relationship and may or may not include a physical relationship depending on age of people etc. A 'lover' is generally not a committed relationship and is just a more elegant way of staying 'FWB' or 'F**k Buddy'!

What is Artemis relationship status?

If Artemis had a relationship status it would probably be 'single'. Artemis is a virgin goddess and did not desire to have a male lover.

How do you lose a lover?

If you do not be loyal to him. If you fight a lot with him. If you put a lot of demands. This could lead to losing your lover.