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You cant and it is not supposed to stay back ideally it rolls back and forth over the head of the penis during sex. this leads to the most pleasant experience for the man as the foreskin is heavily endowed wit erogenous nerves and the woman as it helps preserve her vaginal juices acts as a type of bearing that makes the friction in the vagina more comfortable. the foreskin is an active moving part of the sex act.

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Q: How do you ensure the foreskin stays pulled back?
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Do you have to circumsize?

No, only if there are medical reasons to why the foreskin can't be pulled back.

When is medical care required for phimosis?

If the foreskin cannot be pulled back into place treatment should be sought. If the blood flow to the penis is restricted then emergency treatment is required and if the foreskin cannot be pulled back a surgical cut to the trapped foreskin may be needed

Men with a tight foreskin that can not be pulled back to uncover the head of the penis?

see your doctor

What do doctors check for when you go to a check up to see if you need a circumcision or not?

If the foreskin is too tight or not, if it can be pulled back so you can clean under it.

What is male docking?

Male docking is an act performed between two men. One fo the two men must be uncircumcised and the longer the foreskin when erect, the easier it is. Both men obtain full erection and the foreskin is pulled back slightly. The tip of each penis is placed against each other. The foreskin is pulled back down covering as much of both penises as is possible. Usually masturbation follows while maintaining foreskin coverage of both men. Ejaculation may or may not be a part of the docking masturbation.

What could happen if a boy's penile foreskin is forced back too early?

The foreskin of an uncircumsized newborn should NEVER be pulled back; it is a myth and it is dangerous to do this. It should never be forced back by a parent, no matter what the reason the parent has. Keep your hands off of it. Tissues of the glans penis and of the covering foreskin are not yet differentiated, and the foreskin should be left alone. Some physicians consider that an unretracted foreskin can be normal and non-problematic even as late as puberty. Yes, there can be problems with the foreskin, but pathological phimosis (a medically problematic unretractable foreskin) is virtually NEVER a competent diagnosis at birth.AnswerThe foreskin does not retract at birth. Forcing it back at this age can cause tearing and scarring meaning it will be difficult to retract in the future.

To have puberty do you have to have the foreskin pulled out?

It's unclear what you mean by foreskin pulled out. If you mean do you have to be circumcised in order to go through puberty, the answer is a resounding no. If you mean that you cannot pull your foreskin back to reveal the head of your penis, then you should consult a doctor. There are a few options that may help this; don't just jump to surgery as the solution. This condition won't prevent you from experiencing puberty, but at some point it is a condition you will want to address.

Is phimosis an STD?

Phimosis is not a disease, STD or otherwise, it is a condition where the foreskin is constricted over the foreskin. Normally the foreskin in an uncircumcised is able to be pulled back to completely uncover the glans. If this proves to be impossible then one can end up with infections as it is not possible for the area under it to be cleaned and dry. The treatment for this is to cut the foreskin and release it. A foreskin can not be left in this condition because there wil be a constant risk of infection and it Will also ruin the pleasure in sex.

Where would one find the frenulum?

If it is doing what it is supposed to do. which is cause the foreskin to move back over the glans of the penis when it is flaccid. it is easily distinguishable when puling the foreskin right back as a separate chord like entity that reaches from the glans to the foreskin for about 15mm until it seems to blend back into the foreskin. so it is not actually tight at all it only becomes tight when the foreskin is pulled back. the tightens of the frenulum may well be associated with the tightness of the foreskin round the penis itself. loosen the foreskin and you loosen the frenulum.

How foreskin is removed during intercourse?

The foreskin is not removed during intercourse. The foreskin is a double layer of very sensitive skin that covers and thus protects the glans penis. In the area where it is against the glans penis it is covered with a fine layer of mucous membrane. The foreskin is designed to be able to be pulled back wards exposing the glans penis entirely and then come back to cover it again on its own accord with the aid of the frenulum the ridged band inside the end of it puckers it in such a way as to hold it in place over the head. When you have sex the foreskin is pushed back as a result of the friction of pushing it into the vagina and as the penis moves back and forth so does the foreskin making the movement more pleasurable and less forceful for both male and female.

How do you put a ear tip back on glasses?

The tip should go back on the glasses fairly easily, and can be reinforced by superglue to ensure it stays in place.

You have been reading up on stretching your foreskinand want to know whether it should be done while penis is erect or soft your foreskin is easily pulled back when soft?

There are a lot of scams selling products for "stretching" the foreskin. There is no scientific evidence that stretching is possible. If it were, problems like phymosis (or phimosis) (narrowing of the foreskin that prevents full retraction) would never happen.