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How do you enter an Action Replay code on Pokemon?


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ya press the button marked enter new code, name the code, then type in the code

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You Get The Code On A Website And Get Your Action Replay Out And Enter The Code.-Starwest1

To enter action replay codes plug in the action replay and start the console. For activators they should be in the code description.

1ac22331214123c414d5c251c5d52d5e2585769569895c2e3d42000000000000000067123216dc79e5cdcedcdd1c9d9cdaa9a979ae97a3 Enter that, its the real code.

what is the code for any Pokemon for action replay

You must have an Action Replay or Gameshark. For good Action Replay codes check the neoseeker website. :)

There is no action replay code of getting all of the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond version. But there is an action replay code of getting all Pokemon in the pokedex.

There is no Action Replay code that automatically gives you all the Pokemon.

you get the action replay cartridge and enter the code into the cheat place

A action replay code is Pokemon modifier

There is no Action Replay code to do this.

Your friend code backward. There is no action replay code for Zoara in Pokemon Platinum.

get an action replay and go to neoseeker and type in Pokemon heartgold then click on action replay and enter some code :)

get gba action replay and enter the Pokemon modifier code to get dexoys.hope i helped.

Yes, you can use the Pokemon Modifier code. Get it by updating your Action Replay via the Action Replay Manager if you haven't already.

I have an action replay too,so don't say it doesn't work. you don't need a code if you're using regular action replay AND you didn't delete the other Pokemon games that were there from the start. just enter the name Pokemon platinum in it.

you need an action replay code device with that code to by a action replay code go to www.codejunkies.com

theres no action replay code for dilga in any Pokemon game

There is no action replay code for shadow lugia in pokemon black.

There is no place to enter a code. The cheat code things are for Action Replay. Action Replay is not recommended because it glitches the game.

pokemon emerald action replay codes wild pokemon modifier

Answer:Step 1 ~ You click on NEW GAME on your Action Replay DSStep 2 ~ Enter the game IDStep 3 ~ Enter Cheat Code NameStep 4 ~ Enter the codeStep 5 ~ Enter more cheat code names (optional)

you input the code into the action replay and yeah

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