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How do you enter in the sootopolis gym in the Pokemon ruby?

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Mossdeep Gym Leaders Tate&Liza

Pokemon: Solrock Lvl 42, Lunatone Lvl 42

Badge: Mind Badge (enchances sp attack and sp defense. Enabled to use dive

outside battle)

Yep.A 2v2 battle. This is a har battle, since solrock knows flamethrower and

other good moves. They are rock/psychic, so dark and water and ground are the

only super effective against them. If you have swampert, use surf and myddy

stream a lot. With blaziken you need a water Pokemon and the same with

sceptile. With Blaziken you can try double kick. You have to try to take out

lunatone first, since he is stronger. Also, you need at least two Pokemon over

lvl 40. I was lucky, and got them out with two surfs from my lvl 35 golduck and

two double kicks on lunatone and one on solrock from my lvl 42 blaziken. When

you win you will receive the Mind Badge And TM 04, Calm Mind.

Leave the Gym, and head to the house to the west of the gym, not the first to

the west, but the second. Steven will be there and give you HM 08, dive.Teach

it to a Pokemon to dive in dark water. Now head south, and surf south. You will

come to a long dark water string. Dive. Follow the tunnel south. After a time,

you will see a cave. Head inside. And go to the surface by using dive with your


Team Aqua/Magma Final Hideout

Trainers In sapphire: Team Aqua Grunt, Poochyena Lvl 37, Carvanha Lvl 37

Team Aqua Grunt, Carvanha Lvl 38

Team Aqua Admin Shelly, Sharpedo Lvl 38, Mightyena Lvl 38

Trainers In Ruby: Team Magma Grunt, Poochyena Lvl 37, Numel lvl 37

Team Magma Grunt, Numel Lvl 38

Team Magma Admin Courtney, Camerupt Lvl 38, Mightyena Lvl 38

When you come to land, go inside the cave to the north. Go north, smash the

rock, and push the rock south. Go west and push the block west. Go north. Beat

the grunt, and go north up the stairs. Head south and defeat the grunt. Head

south into the cave door. Head south in the next room, and then west at the

split. Push the eastern stone down twice, and the western up. Then destroy the

rock. Head south to next room. Here, head east and then north. In the next

room, push the stone up then the stone above it right, the stone above that one

up, destroy the rocks, and push the stone to the right of the rock right. Then

head through the cave door north to the next room. Here, surf east at the

lowest tile, then east to the current going up, so you come to a tile covered

with currents all around you. Here, go up and follow the current. Then go north

to the current going east. And follow it. Then you can safely surf north, then

east to the cave opening. Next, push the stone right above you one north. The

stone west of that one one west, the stone north of that one north, and the

stone east of that one east. Beat the trainer, and go north to the next room.

Here, push the middle stone up, the right and left right and left, and the

middle stone you pushed before left. Push the next middle stone up, and the

right and left stone right and left. Push the right stone up and the left stone

up, and push the remaining middle stone left. Go forward to the next room. Go

south here, take the item first, it contains TM 26, earthquake. Go south, then

east. Watch the scene, and the team aqua/magma leader will come.You have to

battle him....

In sapphire:

Team Aqua Leader Archie

Pokemon: Mightyena Lvl 41, Crobat Lvl 41, Sharpedo Lvl 43

Here, you must need at least one Pokemon over lvl 40. Its best with 2 over 40.

Beat mightyena with fighting moves. Blazikens double kick would sit fine. Also,

Swamperts muddy water is strong too. Next, crobat. Oh, what i hate this

creature....I really do...Blaziken and Sceptile will be flattened. The best is

with an electric or psychic Pokemon. Gardevoir and Magnetric are good choices

against crobat. And finally, sharpedo. He will easily go down by Sceptiles

mighty grass attacks, but will easily flatten blaziken. Also, magnetric is good

here, and so is a good fighting type. If blaziken is fast and at a high level,

he might take out sharpedo with double kick, but i don't think so. Swamperts

take down is good here, too. When you have beat him, the red orb will shine,

and kyogre will awaken. It will be raining out side and soon, team magma will


In Ruby:

Team Magma Leader Maxie

Pokemon: Mightyena Lvl 41, Crobat Lvl 41, Camerupt Lvl 43


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