How do you establish first-time credit?

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== Consumers desirous of establishing a good credit record should start off by applying for a credit card. The companies that monitor credit history compile information based on your payments and responsible consumers build up a good credit report by promptly paying off what they owe. A second consideration, especially if the consumer did not qualify for a conventional credit card, is to apply for secured credit. This method lessens the lender's risk by having access to some kind of guaranty from the borrower in case of default. An alternative way is to have a person with a proven history of good credit co-sign a loan. These co-signers are a form of guarantee diminishing the lender's risk of non-payment.

Start small, usually with a gas station or department store credit card. Charge a couple of tanks of gas. Pay the balance as soon as the bill comes in, that is pay it early. You will be on your way then to establishing good credit.
Paying your bills in good time and opening a bank account is one f the best way to establish credit.

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Q: How do you establish first-time credit?
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How do you establish credit for the first time?

The best way to establish credit is to start with a secured card. With a secured credit card, your regular payments will be reported to the credit bureaus.

If you dont have credit history how are you going to get a credit card to establish credit?


How do I get my business to have credit?

You need to spend to establish credit. The general steps are to establish your entity, open a bank account, secure a credit card, and begin establishing credit through purchasing.

What must a person do to establish a good credit rating?

To establish good credit, a person must pay back all of the money in which he/she has borrowed through loans or credit cards.

Where can I find online information on how to establish business credit?

In order to establish business credit you need to take out a business loan or credit card. You can find info on the following site:

How do you obtain credit with no credit history?

Apply at department stores for credit or small rent to own items to establish credit

How can I establish credit in the office?

You can do that by making sure your bills are paid on time and in full. You can also get a prepaid credit card in order to establish some credit without sinking yourself too deeply.

As a firsttime offender convicted of DUI OWI you could face?

c. both

How can one get help on establishing business credit?

To establish business credit, open a business bank account and credit file. You should also establish a business phone number and uphold a tax identification number.

Can a son or daughter establish credit by being granted signing authority on the parents credit card?


How can you get a line of credit with no credit score?

google : "establish credit" Or use a credit restore company - they can help as well and get you off on a great score ;) Wayne

Where can one get a credit card with no credit?

It is often difficult for one to get credit card with no credit. Some banks offer MasterCard and Visa credit cards to those who are trying to establish a credit history. One can apply for these cards through a bank and see if there is an approval. If not one might wish to try to get a department store or gas company credit card to establish credit.

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