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How do you execute a back walkover?

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You go into a back bridge then kick one of your legs back then the other one. To perform a back walkover, you should stand with both arms straight and up right. Your favorite foot ( I am a righty so I will use my right foot while explaining) in front of you with your leg extended, straight and toes pointed. As you reach backwards for the floor (as if you were attempting a back bend) you will pull your right leg over with you as you are reaching backward for the floor. Your legs will stay separated the entire time in as big of a split as you can make them. As your foot are approaching the ground you will land with your right leg first (straight and toes pointed) and arms should still be on your ears (or straight). Before planting your left leg on the ground you should show a "tee" position with your body. Because you are bent over at a 90 degree angle your right leg being straight and on the ground with your left leg still in the air directly behind you and your arms on your ears, it will look like the letter "T". Then you will plant your left leg on the on the ground into a lunge position.

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Who invented the back walkover?

Ellayna Mackenzie Jones invented the back walkover in 1934 .

How do you execute a front walkover?

check this out

Gymnastics floor moves?

there are lots...but just to name a few # straight jump # front roll (front summersault) # back roll (back summersault) # cartwheel # roundoff # bridge walkover # back walkover # front walkover # front tuck # back tuck # flic flac # front hand spring # back hand spring

How do you do a back walkover if your not confident?

You need to practice with a spotter and mats to build confidence.

What is Shawn Johnson's bra size?

it is 30b can u do a back walkover i can help

What are all tumbling moves in cheerleading?

Forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, handstand, round off, back walkover/ bridge kickover, front walkover, back/front handspring, back/front tuck, layout, full twist, double full, Arabian

What is the deduction for level 6 beam routine if you do not attempt back walkover?

a 1.00 detuction

How do you do a aerial back walkover?

Practice with your coach. Do not attempt unless your coach thinks you are ready.

How long does it take to learn a back walkover?

It mainly depends on your goals and efforts :D

What is the duration of Walkover film?

The duration of Walkover - film - is 1.17 hours.

How do you learn a back walkover?

Before you learn a back walkover you should learn a bridge. A bridge is where you stand legs apart and lean back into a bridge position you can do it with legs apart if you are doing it from standing. Then you need to work on kicking over if you can get someone to spot you if you are an adult then do the best you can. Anyway once you get good at a bridge kick over. Try doing it with your leg pointed in front of you. Try to get a perfect split in the air! After this put your leg in the air and go back into a back walkover!!!

Do you have to know how to do a handstand to do a back walkover?

to do a back walkover you do not need to know how to do a handstand, you need to know how do do bridge , bridge kick over and you need to have confidence! Although knowing a handstand might necessarily help you flexibility it doesn't make much of a difference

When was Walkover - film - created?

Walkover - film - was created in 1965.

Can you do a backflip if you can't do a cartwheel?

Well a backflip is harder than a cartwheel but if you can do a back walkover then there is a chance.

Different types of tumbling that you might use in cheerleading?

Round Off, Front Walkover, Back Walkover, Front Handspring, Back Handspring, Front Tuck(Punch Front), Back Tuck, Layout, Full. NEVER Tumble or try any of these skill unless a trained professional is spotting you.

How do gymnast perform a back handspring?

Gymnast do a backhandspring by a lot of practice alo it a super fast back walkover with your legs together

What are the safety rules when performing a back walkover?

One tip is to always have a spotter when first beginning to learn this skill. The first step in learning this skill is getting a standing bridge. Next do a kick over. Once you have this down put it all together. Now you have a back walkover.

Is a backhandspring and a back flip the same?

No a back hand spring is when you do a real fast back walkover with you feet together. A back flip is also known as a back tuck and that's when you flip in the air.

What is robot rage walkover?

A walkover occurs when the opponent surrenders or the opponent looses connection with robot rage server.

How can you do a back walkover?

To do a back walkover, you need to learn the art of doing a backbend. After you learn the backbend, You're ready. First, point one toe forward, hands up straight and shoulders stretched. Next, bend back like you do in a backbend, looking at your fingers. Then, when your in your backbend position with one foot up in the air, push that leg backwards and lift the other leg so your legs are in a split above your head, and finally get your legs over and back into a standing position. You need to work on handstands so your hands can control your weight, and if you have a problem, get a spotter. And that is how you do a back walkover.

Which is easier a front walkover or a front limber?

I personally think the front limber is easier - but other people may think differently. To do a front limber you just do a handstand, fall into a bridge and get up using your abs. For a front walkover you have to land with one foot in the air and land with your dominant foot in front and your hands up. I can do a front limber fluently, but have yet to do a front walkover :( You really need strong legs and abs for a front walkover, as well as good back flexibilty and strong shoulders for both.

What stretches do you need to do to be flexible enough for a walkover?

You don't necessarily need to be flexible for a walkover. For a front walkover you want to have a solid handstand bridge come up and good stomach muscles. For a balk walkover you want to have a good handstand bride kick over and flexible shoulders. It would help if you had one of your splits to make it look nicer:)

Can you make sentence with word walkover?

Yes, you can!

Name at least 5 gymnastic skills?

Cartwheel, Back handspring, Front handspring,Back walkover, Front walkover, Front limber, Roundoff, Front tuck,Back tuck, Hand stand, Pirouette, Kip, Front hip circle, Back hip circle, Split leap, Half turn, Full turn, Heel snap turn. I am a Level 5 gymnast and these are some of the moves I'm learning. Hope this helps!

What skills do you need to have in order to get your backhandspring?

You should have your front limber, back limber, back bend stand up, back bend and back walkover.if you want a backhand spring step out, you should have your front walkover so you know the feel.