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There are very few words in English that don't pluralize with an "s". For example, just because the plural of mouse is mice does not mean the plural of house is hice. But maybe teaching them a few more words that pluralize funny in English may help. Good luck!!








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Q: How do you explain goose is to geese then why isn't moose to meese to children?
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If the plural for goose is geese is the plural for moose meese?

Actually, the real plural of "moose" is "meese". The only time people really use the word "meese" is for scientific purposes. That is why people now just say "moose" as the plural because it sounds wierd saying "meese".

Why are goose geese but moose aren't meese?

The words "goose" and "geese" come from Old English. "Moose" is derived from an Algonquian language, which does not follow the same pattern of pluralization as English. This is why we say "moose" for both singular and plural.

What are examples of nouns made plural with a new base word?

Goose can become geese. Mouse can become mice. Also, moose does not become "meese."

Are you sure the pluarl of moose isn't meese?

No, "moose" is one of the words in English that the singular and the plural are the same word.Example sentences:A moose was standing near the edge of the trees. (singular)Two moose were standing near the edge of the trees. (plural)

If the plural of goose is geese then is the plural moose meese?

Goose is from the Germanic root, and its plural was adopted into Old English as "geese". This is an abnormal plural.Moose is of Algonquin (Amerindian) origin and has a plural of "moose".(The listing in the Urban Dictionary is obviously intended as humor.)The word "moose" came to us from Algonquian Indians. Consequently its plural, instead of being "mooses" or "meese", is the same as the singular "moose." That is true of most Indian names whether of a tribe, such as the Winnebago and Potawatomi, or of an object such as papoose. It is also true of many wildlife names not of Indian origin -- for example: deer, mink and grouse.

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