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if u r having trouble with uploading the video in any source like facebook, or you tube from windows like movie maker: 1) go and make a video 2) click on file button next to home button 3) go to save movie as: and click on high definition 720 p 4) then when u see the page talking about save as and have to give name go ahead and give name and then there is button named save as type go ahead and click all files then it will take some time but your file now easily will able to upload in any files

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I had the same problem. Basically, Windows Movie Maker does not finalize the disc after writing. It's usually noticeable on DVD-recordable decks, i.e., DVD players that can also record to DVD, because the DVD menu comes up fine on my DVD player that is read-only, but doesn't come up on my recordable DVD player. I couldn't figure out how to finalize the disc, but I was able to solve the problem by creating an ISO image of the DVD and then reburning to another DVD using a free utility called ImgBurn.

First, download ImgBurn (it's free).

Insert the DVD that you just burned using Windows Movie Maker and select Mode > Discovery from the menu and you'll see a bunch of information scroll up on the field on the right. More than likely, under Disc Information, you'll see Status: Incomplete, which means the disc wasn't finalized. (You can try it out on a DVD that you know works on your DVD player, and you'll see that the Status is Complete)

From the menu, select Mode > Read. The source should be your DVD drive. For Destination, click on the folder icon, and for "Save as type," choose "ISO files (*.iso)". Type in a file name, or select the default (which I think is the current date) and location to save your .ISO file. Click Save.

Then click on the icon at the bottom that shows a disk with an arrow pointing to a smaller disk inside a rectangle (representing a file). Your .ISO file will be created.

Once that's done, remove the original DVD and put in a blank DVD.

Select Mode > Write from the menu. For the source, select the ISO file that you just created.

I think you can figure the rest out. Once it's done, if you do a Mode > Discovery on the new disc, you'll see that the Status is Complete, meaning that it's finalized. Your disc's menu should now appear using your DVD player.

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Go up to top of screen while on video and click share then select your option and press save

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Q: How do you export a movie from windows movie maker?
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When i post a video on you tube using windows movie maker it says export it to a windows movie maker file but i dont know how how do i export it?

You have to Publish the video first (that is exporting). The process changes the Windows Movie Maker file to a Standard viewing format (and not a project file).

What computer programs can movie maker export to?

Movie Maker can export to Standard Viewing formats.

Can you download windows movie maker when you have already got windows movie maker?

Yes, you can.I have both the 2.6 version of Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker.

How do you reformat video off of Windows Movie Maker?

You can't reformat a Windows Movie Maker project file (.MSWMM). Conversion to Standard formats takes place during the mix-down (export) process of 'Publishing/Finishing/Saving' the movie.

Can you download Windows Movie Maker when you have already got Windows Live Movie Maker?

Yes, you can.I have both the 2.6 version of Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker.

How do you export a video project to a movie file format?

In the Windows Movie Maker program, exporting is accomplished through the Publish or Finish Movie options (depending on which version you are using). In order to convert a Windows Movie Maker project to Standard Viewing format, you have to Publish or Finish the movie.

Is it possible to install Windows Movie Maker not windows live movie maker in a Windows 7?

Yes it is. You can download Windows Movie Maker from microsoft's website.

How do play movie from Windows Live Movie Maker in Windows Media Player?

You need to export it as a .mov file or another type of video file that is compatible with your computer. This is a really simple process and should only take 30 seconds to export.

Is there a Windows Movie Maker 5.1?

That would be Windows Live Movie Maker.

What is the acronym for Windows Movie Maker?

WMM is the acronym for Windows Movie Maker.

How do you morph a picture on windows movie maker?

You can't do that on Windows Movie Maker.

How do you mix music on Windows Movie Maker?

There is no Mix Feature in Windows Movie Maker.