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How do you feed a wild baby mouse?

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If the mouse does not yet have teeth sufficient to gnaw, then the only good way is from his mother's teat, unfortunately. They're very dependent on their mom (and other lactating females in their group) for all their needs, including excretion, for a couple weeks. By the time they're three weeks old, they're probably weaned enough to make it on their own. My son used to raise mice (sometimes wild ones) when he was a teenager (a few years ago) and it seems to me that they were hopping around and doing pretty well on their own by three weeks.

2006-07-28 07:35:08
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How often do you feed a wild baby mouse?

it depends what type of mouse it is

What to feed baby WILD mice?

Fill a pipette with baby soy milk formula (or kitten milk) and feed it to the baby mouse every 1-2 hours

What do you feed a wild baby mouse that is one inch wide and tall?

cats milk you can bye at wallmart i have a wild baby rat and that's what the vat told me

What do young wild mice eat I found a young injured wild mouse What does it eat and how do I feed it?

There are many things you could feed a wild mouse. You could feed it alfalfa and see if it will eat it.

Can you feed a little grey country mouse black crickets?

. It will not harm the mouse unless you over feed the crickets. If it is a pet mouse then feed it only as much as 15 crickets a day. If it is a wild mouse then feed it only just 10 crickets a day. Because if you feed a wild mouse too much then it will depend on you and later die.

How do baby mouse feed?

They feed by drinking milk from their mother.

What do you feed a wild baby mouse if its eyes aren't even open yet?

You should feed baby mice baby cat and also you can dip bread in it and feed them if they start o grow hair!Mr and my sister have 4 baby mice and they are eat at the same time.

Is it safe to feed a baby mouse baby formula?


so i am raising this wild baby bird what should i feed it?

bird feed

How can you feed baby mice?

The mother mouse does!

Can the male mouse feed the baby mice?


Can you feed a baby mouse evaporated milk?


What do you feed wild baby turkey?

There are a few different things that you could feed to a wild baby turkey. One of these things is corn.

How do you feed baby wild map turtles?

you feed it veggies

Can you feed a baby mouse cow milk?

You don't. Cow milk is not good for a baby mouse. You can buy kitten or puppy formula and feed it to the mouse with a syringe. Call your local pet store and ask what they recommend.

What type of food can you feed a baby mouse?

umm a baby mouse should be fed by its mom till it is done nursing

What do wild baby mice drink?

Wild mama mouse milk. lol

Can you feed a baby mouse milk?

Yes, but only mouse formula or baby rabbit formula, you must also have an eye dropper.

What do you feed baby wild raccoons?

Never feed wild animals, including baby raccoons. They are perfectly able to care for themselves. If you feed them they become dependent on human handouts and will become pests.

What can you feed your wild baby lizard?

little insects

Can you feed wild baby birds crushed apple?


Can you feed regular 2 percent milk to a baby mouse?


What do you feed a wild baby rabbit?

If the rabbit is weened, then anything from the flower beds, the rabbit will choose to eat what it knows is safe.

What do you feed a wild baby mouse?

Try adding 1part milk 2 parts water and maybe a tiny bit of honey then warm it for like 4 sec. then feed it using your finger that should do the trick... you could also use some kitten formula but we didn't and our mouse is a live

What to feed a baby mouse if you don't have cat milk?

soy milk, or you can just feed it regular milk your choice.