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How do you figure out your monthly salary with your yearly salary?


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Divide your yearly salary by 12 to get your monthly salary.


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It can be either. You can have a monthly salary or an annual salary. Depending on where you work you may be paid monthly, or every two weeks, or twice a month.

annual salary means yearly salary. It is also called P.A. which means per annum.

The salary for a psychologist can vary greatly depending on location and experience. The average yearly salary is $87,064, which is roughly $7,255 a month.

if your monthly salary is $60,000. Your yearly salary is $720,000. There are 12 months in a year, so you multiply your montly salary by 12.

$72560.00 per yr/ 2 yearly bonuses/ monthly wardrobe allotment/ yearly cost of living raise/

The average monthly pay for a registered nurse is somewhere about $2,000. the weekly answer for an average pay

What is the average yearly salary for a nurse?

They get $51,000 yearly as their salary.

The salary for a medical technologist in the US can vary based on location and experience. The average yearly salary is $62,741, which is roughly $5,228 per month.

The average monthly salary in Argentina is $1048.00 before taxes. After taxes, the net pay averages to $750.00 per month.

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your monthly salary would be $2450.00 a month

The average yearly salary for an ophthalmologist is about $200,000.

The average yearly salary is 81,237

His Yearly salary as president was $25.000,00

55-60.000 AUS is a yearly average gross salary...according to monthly net disposable salary is around US$3,883.45or AU$ 4,288.38

well there are those who pay monthly and yearly it depends.

The yearly salary for a dentist can vary depending on factors such as experience and location. In the United States, the median yearly salary is $145,240.

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