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Go on the ice rink and walk on it. but your not waking your skating

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โˆ™ 2012-09-29 13:55:34
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Q: How do you figure skate in club penguin?
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How do you completemission 2 on club penguin?

at Gary type the code is 'Mogul' then get his skate then go to the ski mountain and put the skate there and then break your skate and then you can watch at youtube.

What is rockhoopers email address on Club Penguin?

Know one knows for sure. We only know club penguin's password (club penguin service, not Rockhopper's) No one will figure it out.

What mission should you do in Club Penguin?

You should do all of the missions on Club Penguin! They test your brain skills and are fun to figure out.

After i figure out the word of club Penguin what do have to do?

Hockeymariss says be specific

What do you do in the mission on club penguin?

every mission is different, figure out how to do it

What is the difference between knowing how to figure skate and learning how to figure skate?

You can know how to figure skate and still be learning how to figure skate. the answer to your question really depends on who you ask. I know how to figure skate but I am still learning.

How do you figure out the code on club penguin?

cppenguin enge gold po

How do you figure out whos fur it is on club penguin?

you usually know by the color

How do you get the code for the source box on club penguin?

figure it out yourself buddy

How do you beat 'Secret of the Fur' in Club Penguin?

figure it out ur self

What is so cool about Club Penguin?

EVERYTHING! From parties to games, everything is cool! You would have to go onto Club Penguin, become a member, and figure it out yourself. Club Penguin (from my point of view) is not fun AT ALL without a Club Penguin $5-a-month membership! -Billybob

How do complete mission 11 on club penguin elite penguin force?

you gotta use the hints from people to figure it out

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