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You first need to wokr out how many hours you have worked. Then divide your yearly wage by the number of hours worked.

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Q: How do you figure you hourly wage by your annually pay?
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How do you calculate your pay for the day if you are being paid an hourly wage?

the hourly rate times the hours worked

What is a set amount of pay for every worked hour?

Hourly wage

What is zaxby's hourly wage rate?

whatever the min. wage is at the time is what they can at least pay u by law..

What is the hourly wage to work at Ocean Breeze Water Park?

Hourly wages are not listed on the Ocean Breeze Water Park website. However, they have to pay at least the minimum wage for the state. Also, the pay will depend on which job you hold.

How much is the minimum wage at jcpenney?

The typical hourly pay for a J. C. Penney Customer Service Associate ranges from $7-$12, with an average hourly pay of $9.

How much does Kmart pay per hour?

They pay minimum wage. So whatever your states' minimum wage is, that's how much you will get paid hourly.

Is base salary the same as hourly rate?

No, Base Salary is your yearly income before commissions or bonuses. This Figure is before taxes are deducted Hourly rate is a set wage that you charge or earn for work performed. Hourly rate Formula: Divide annual rate of basic pay by 2,087 hours. $55000 Base salary = $26.36 Hourly rate

What is hourly plus commission?

When employers pay and hourly rate, say minimum wage, but also give you a percentage of your, or your company's, total sales (commission) in addition.

Do janitorial jobs pay well?

Janitorial jobs usually pay an hourly wage that may be a bit more than minimum wage. It depends on the nature of the work, the hours, experience and the employer.

What is Aldo shoes hourly wage?

$7.50 per hour, no holiday pay, no overtime, and they will deny any vacation pay you are supposed to receive.

How much are people paid for telemarketing jobs?

The pay for jobs in telemarketing can very depending on the rate of commission pay your employer pays. Some jobs will have low a minimum hourly wage with a higher commission percentage, while other jobs will have a higher hourly wage, and a low commission.

What is the hourly pay if you are paid 39401.16 annually?

If you work a 40 hour week every week it is $18.94 per hour