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Go to the DEANS office and file your complaint. Make it clear and be able to support your allegations.

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Q: How do you file complaint against NJ college?
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Can a parent file a harassment intimidation and bullying complaint against a student in NJ?

yes, of course go to the police station.

How do you file a civil complaint in NJ?

See the Related Link This is the form that has to be submitted to the court.

Can rent a center file criminal charges in NJ?

Neither individuals nor businesses can "file charges." Only the prosecutor's office can 'file' criminal charges. Anyone else can only file a criminal complaint or report a crime to law enforcement. An investigation is conducted and if probable cause is found an arrest is made or a warrant is applied for. A business can file a criminal complaint against someone.

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how do you file for a legal separation in the state of NJ

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A commercial landlord must file a summary dispossess complaint which will verify that the landlord has attested to the fact that terms of theÊlease agreement have not been met. A clerk of the court must look over the information provided and eitherÊ mail the complaint and summons or hand themÊdirectly to the commercial tenant.Ê

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This could be possible.

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What is the mailing address of The College of NJ?

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