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IF you will be filing WITH an attorney, the attorney will do the filing. ler her/him do their job.

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Q: How do you file writs with an attorney in Texas?
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How can you file for child support in Texas if you are not married to father?


Can you file for divorce in Texas without an attorney if there is a house involved?

Of course you can!

Can you file for divorce in Texas without an attorney?

Yes, but difficult. see link

How can you get your gun rights back in Texas?

Hire an attorney to file a petition for restoration of right.

You wont to file child support order against your child's father and you live in Louisiana and the father lives in Texas where should you file?

Get an attorney who's licensed in Texas and specializes in family law.

How do you file a written opposition to the sale of real property in an estate property is in Texas?

Go and see an attorney to do this for you.

How does an inmate file for divorce in Texas?

An inmate can file for a divorce just like anyone else. The inmate can hire an attorney to file the paperwork for him or get a family member to start the proceedings.

Your fiance was married in Texas but then moved to Washington with you. Can he file for divorce in Washington?

If your "fiance" has a wife in Texas he must go back to Texas to divorce her. He should consult with an attorney.

Is there a time limit to file a forged check in Texas?

The statue of limitations to file for a forged check in the state of Texas is 90 days. You will need to hire an attorney or visit the courthouse in the county the check was written for more details.

Do you need an attorney to file for bankruptcy in Texas?

No, an attorney is not needed to file bankruptcy in any state or federal court. However, the petitioner should be completely educated on the state or federal procedures as even what appears to be a "simple" BK can become complexed and costly.

How do you file a lawsuit against an attorney?

I've been practicing law since 1993 and I cannot imagine any circumstances where you could file a motion to compel against your attorney. If your attorney has failed to act or do something on your case, then it is probably time to get a new a attorney. If your former attorney fails to do something like return your file to you, then perhaps it may be necessary to have your new attorney file a motion to compel return of the file.

How do you file for power of attorney?

You cannot "file for POA." A Power Of Attorney can only be granted to you by a person who wishes you to have it.

Where is the Office of the Attorney General located at in Texas?

"The Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott's office is in Texas. It is located at the following address:

How do you file a lien on real estate in Texas?

While you can file one yourself using the statutory forms you get at Office Max or Staples, I don't recommend it. That can cost you thousands of dollars in attorney fees if you make even one error that the other party makes a big deal out of. Hiring an attorney won't cost you anything in the end if Texas law allows you to collect attorney fees if you file a legitimate lien (I believe it does). Contact your local Bar Association to see which attorneys in your area offer free consultations.

Do you need an attorney for Power of Attorney in New York State?

No, an attorney is not required. You can file your own power of attorney.

Is wrongful removal by cps grounds for dismissal of case in Texas?

It could be grounds for dismissal if there was a wrongful removal by CPS in the state of Texas. However, an attorney will be able to file motions and answer any questions you have.

Can a property be forced on a beneficiary?

No. The beneficiary can file a disclaimer in the estate. You should consult with the attorney who is handling the estate.No. The beneficiary can file a disclaimer in the estate. You should consult with the attorney who is handling the estate.No. The beneficiary can file a disclaimer in the estate. You should consult with the attorney who is handling the estate.No. The beneficiary can file a disclaimer in the estate. You should consult with the attorney who is handling the estate.

Who is the richest attorney in the world?

Joe Jamail, a Texas trial attorney

Who represents Texas when Texas is being sued?

The Attorney General

What form do you use to file a lien for unpaid HOA dues in Texas?

Best practices dictate that you work with the association's attorney to identify the proper lien to file, and to follow the process required to file such a lien. An improper lien, filed improperly will give an owner an 'out'.

Do you have to file a power of attorney with the court?

No, you do not file your power of attorney form with the court. All you need to do is have the form notarized and show it to the institutions you will be using it.

If you married in Hawaii and reside in Texas where do you file for a divorce?

You can file your divorce papers in Texas.

where can I find a texas attorney?

A texas attorney can be found in several places. Using the internet, searching the type of attorney you would need is hightly recommended. The yellow pages are another great source for find an attorney.

Can an IRS tax attorney file an appeal for back taxes?

Yes, an IRS tax attorney can help you file an appeal. You should talk to the IRS tax attorney and ask him to help you file an appeal. Filing the appeal probably can be done through him.

Licensed in Texas to be an attorney?

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