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How do you find Pokemon Emerald for Virtual Boy?


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No pokemon games were made for the virtual boy.


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Download visual boy advance, then Google game boy advance roms, and find the one for Pokemon emerald. search up VBA thts visual boy advance download then find a win.rar file for emerald and u must be able to have the program for this to work

That makes no sense. Do you mean how do you beat Pokemon Emerald for the Game boy?

Yes, Pokemon Emerald works with your GameBoy advance.

You can get it by transferring the Johoto starters via your Game Boy Advance to Pokemon Emerald

go to the house in vendaturf town and the little boy will give you dig

route 211 or Lake Acuity with Pokemon Emerald inserted in the DS Game Boy Advanced slot.

No, it is for Game Boy Advance.

First, go to WinRAR, and open the Emerald File. It will say you have to open it with something. Go to browse, and find the Visual Boy. Then open it.

No, as of 2014 there is not a listed cheat to get Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald for Visual Boy Advance. The Deoxys does not evolve into any other type of Pokemon.

Technically speaking, Emerald, but they're really about the same. Get the easier to find/cheaper buy.

Pokemon Emerald is a role playing game for the Game Boy Advance. There is no such location as the Entora Cave.

trade to a boy that does have Pokemon fire red/leaf greeen

I think u have to have Pokemon emerald in the game boy slot And you can find them on Rt 229, and the Rt above solecaon town.

you bring out this long cord and plug it in to the game boy

Download Virtual Boy Advance and then download the roms for the Pokemon games.

You go to falobour town and find the fossill maniacs house ask the boy in the house beside the cave. If it dosent work its because i did that Pokemon emerald. GET IT.

the pokemons who isnot registered in first pokedex there are in........... not i and not any boy and girl did not know where is new pokemons.

you can't. No Pokemon game can clone Pokemon except Pokemon Emerald on Game Boy Advance

Pokemon Emerald is unsupported for Visual Boy Advance Link. Have you managed to trade? I am guessing not as you are asking for cheats. Try and check out my Pokemon Emulation Guide.

In Pokemon marts if you have the action replay or what ever it is for game boy

yes. It is for the game boy advance.

well... to know the cheat in Pokemon emerald just watch a you tube just type this, how to cheat in Pokemon just enter ..ok

There is a Gameboy Advance Emulator called the Virtual Boy Advance (VBA), on which you can play GBA games if you have their ROM. Just type in "vba download" into Google and click the first result that shows up. As for the the actual Pokémon Emerald ROM, I don't know a decent website to download them from, so you'll have to do a little bit more searching to find one.

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