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First off, go to Lake Verity (you're going to need surf) and when you enter go to the first patch of land that touches the water. Surf, go straight, and you'll start seeing wild grass behind the trees. Get off, go into the grass, go to the east, and there is TM38 Fire Blast.

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Where do you get the TM fire blast on Pokemon diamond?

at the department store

Where can you find TM fire blast in Pokemon emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald you can buy the TM for Fire Blast in the Lilycove Department Store. The NPC that sells the TM for Fire Blast can be found on the 4th floor and sells it for 5,500 Pokemon Dollars.

When does moltres learn fire blast?

its A TM that you must find.

Where can you find another TM focus blast in Pokemon diamond?

You can buy TM 52 Focus Blast at Veilstone's Department Store's 3rd Floor for 5500.

On Pokemon ruby what TM number is fire blast?

TM38 - Fire Blast!

Where can you get the TM fire blast in Pokemon sapphire?

You can get TM No38 Fire Blast on the 4th floor in the Lillycove City Department Store.

Where do you get the TM fire blast in Pokemon version Pokemon FireRed?

The TM Fire Blast is given by Blaine the Cinnibar Island gym leader.

What TM for Pokemon soulsilver is TM 38?

TM38 is Fire Blast.

What level does blazikem learn fire blast?

Blaziken does not learn fire blast. But a TM could.

Where can you get the TM aero-blast in diamond?

F.Y.I. no such thing

Where can you find the TM Fire Blast on Pokemon Silver?

game corner in golden rod for 5500 coins

Where do you get a fire stone on soul sliver?

You can either get a Fire Stone from the Pokeathlon Shop on certain days, or you can get one after delivering a Growlithe to Bill's grandfather on Cerulean Cape! Pokemon that it evolves- Growlithe-Arcanine Vulpix-Ninetales Eevee-Flareon Arcanine Reccomended Moveset Fire Fang (Start) Flamethrower (TM) Fire Blast (TM) Overheat (TM) Ninetales Reccomended Moveset Solar Beam (TM) Flamethrower (TM) Fire Blast (TM) Overheat (TM) Flareon Recomended Moveset Fire Blast (lvl 71) Lava Plume (lvl 78) Shadow Ball or Flamethrower (TM) Iron Tail or Fire Blast (TM) All of them are very helpful in SoulSilver against the Grass and Ice gyms aswell as the League.

What level does moltres learn fireblast?

Moltres can't learn Fire Blast by leveling up, you have to get the TM Fire Blast.

What city in Pokemon FireRed can you have the skill fire blast?

After you beat Baline in cinabar island, he gives you TM fire blast

Where can you find the TM blast burn in Pokemon platinum?

you can not get the TM of blast burn, but you can teach it to any starter Pokemon which is a fire type and you can do it to other starter Pokemon types too!!! after defeating the champ Cynthia. lol!!!!

What level does Vulpix learn fire blast in emerald?

Vulpix cannot learn Fire Blast by leveling up. It can only learn it by using TM 38 (which is Fire Blast).

How do you teach Blaziken fire blast in emerald?

go to lilycove department and buy the TM which includes something to do with fire (it is fire blast). then teach it to blaziken.

When does typhlosion learn fire blast?

It can learn it at level 50 or by TM.

What fire type TM's can you get in Pokemon Yellow and where?

In Pokémon Yellow, there is only one TM that is available that is Fire-type attack. The TM is the Fire Blast TM and in order to receive it, you will need to go to Cinnabar Island and find the key in the Cinnabar Mansion in order to gain entry into the Cinnabar Island Gym since after defeating Blaine, the Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island, he will award you with his Badge and he will also give you the Fire Blast TM.

Where is fire blast in FireRed?

The TM that contains Fire Blast is given to you by Blaine the Cinnibar Island gym leader after winning a battle against him.

What fire TM s are in Pokemon platinum?

FlamethrowerFire blastOverheatWill-o-wisp

What is tm38 in diamond?

TM 38 contains the move"FIRE BLAST" which can be found in Veilstone Department Store 3rd floor. PP- 5 Power - 120 Accuracy - 85 Type - Fire

How do you get the TM sacred fire on Pokemon Diamond?

Sacred Fire is a Ho-Oh exclusive move so no TM exists.

How do you defeat the 7th gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

Get a fast fire pokemon, go to the mall and buy the TM fire blast. Then go to snowpoint city, challenge the gym leader and you should do fine :)

Where do you get the TM fire blast in Pokemon heart gold?

its selling in the pokemart in goldenrod

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