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Rocket Reef doesn't have 8 balls. Candypalooza does.

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Q: How do you find a 8 ball in rocket reef?
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Where can you find an 8-ball in Rocket Reef in MySims Kingdom?

How do you find 8-balls before candy palooza? You can find it by using your thingy that goes beep,beep,beep when you are close finding something

Where do you get the 8-balls for Rocket Reef in the sims kingdom game for wii?

they actually arent on Rocket Reef, you can dig them up on Candypoloza (other island).

How do you get 8-balls on your sims kingdom?

Once you finish Rocket Reef you unlock Candy Palooza! Travel to that exciting island and use you treasure finder... you will find it...................

Are there eight balls on rocket reef in mysims kingdom for the wii?

No, there are no 8 balls. You have to go to Candypalooza and DJ for them.

Where to find magic 8-ball in your sims kingdom?

Where to find magic 8-ball I'm my sims kingdom

Where is team rocket after the Ice Cavern?

they leave kanto to find more rarepokemon with the rocket leader (8 gym leader).

Where to find 8-ball in mysims ingdom?

You dig at Candy palooza.

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