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How do you find a GE stereo monitor manual?


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2008-03-24 17:55:53
2008-03-24 17:55:53

my GE stereo monitor television has picture but no sound what to do


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Possibly at your local appliance parts store, or online.

You will need to contact Beretta to ge a manual

Contact GE and ask. I assume GE stands for General Electric?

u can buy it on the ge or by the ge at the armur store

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You should have an Owner's Manual that came with your remote with programming instructions and codes. If you can't find the codes, you should call the manufacturer, we wouldn't have the codes for their equipment.

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I don't always know but we tried to get rid of an old GE monitor but they wouldn't take it because they said it had mercury in it

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You can get them in some good appliance parts stores

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