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How do you find a Mewtwo in cerulean cave?


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December 13, 2015 11:05PM

For LeafGreen/FireRed:

To catch Mewtwo you need to beat the Elite Four. Then go to Celio after helping him with something.( sorry i forgot what he wanted. I caught Mewtwo more than a year ago) He'll ask you to run another errand for him. He wants you to get him the Ruby Plate. Select yes. You'll end up giving him the town map and the Tri Pass. He'll give you a Rainbow Pass and an extra page of the town map. Head to 4 island.( after you select yes, one of the Elite Four Members will be captured by Team Rocket Grunts. Battle them and Lorlei will thank you and she'll return to the Elite Four) Battle a Team Rocket Grunt. He has Zubat Lvl 38, Another Zubat Lvl 38, then a Golbat lvl 38. Once you beat them Lolei's Lapras will use Ice Beam and it will toss Team Rocket into the cold water. Now go to 6 Island. Keep going down until you find a dotted hole. Use cut on the door and it will open. Then you will find the Ruby Platem, but a Scientist will steal it from you and he will leave. Now go to 5 Island. Go to 5 Island Meadow and go to the Warehouse. Move on the tiles and you will slide into the direction the arrows are pointing to. At the end you will find the Scientist. You will battle him. He has: Porygon: Lvl 46.(I don't remember the rest and it's not in order) Once you win the battle he'll hand over the Ruby Plate. Go out and fly to 1 Island. Give the Ruby Plate to Celio and then the guy in front of Cerulean Caves will leave. Go to the third floor and battle Mewtwo. Make sure you save the game before you battle Mewtwo. Mewtwo is at lvl 70. This will work because I've done just that and I caught Mewtwo. You can use an Ultra Ball to catch it and be very careful. It knows Recover. That heals Mewtwo by more than half of its health.


Beat the Kanto gym leaders, then go to the lowest levels of the cave in order to find Mewtwo (be sure to have a Pokemon that knows Rock Smash!)