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You have to get over your shy-ness and realise you have to meet new people in the world to find some one for you. Just go out there and talk to new people you wil find some one they will come to you.....then on the other hand you can go to them too but I would wait for some one to come to me... Getting over shyness is difficult and it is porbably oversimplification to simply tell a shy person to go and meet people. One thing I consider fairly important is not to go into any situation with the goal of finding a boyfriend. As you meet people and develop a circle of friends, eventually love will happen. It's most important to develop a circle of social support for yourself; they will also be the people who will support you in relationships and be there if things don't go so well. But how to develop that social circle? I've moved a lot in my life, and several times I have moved hundreds and even thousands of miles to places where I didn't know anyone. It's important to find organizations where people have something in common with you. In my experience, churches, alumni associations and professional or hobby organizations are excellent because you can almost always contribute your own time and talents to the group, the members are nearly always looking for people to join, and you can talk about the groups focus, which at the beginning is always easier than talking about yourself. Also, it can build up your confidence in talking to people you don't know, and if you are hoping eventual to find a boyfriend, what better boyfriend than someone who shares a common interest? Best of luck to you in overcoming your shyness and developing friendships and more.


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Find out what he likes and go with what you feel to make your boyfriend feel special.

well if first of all do you like your boyfriend? if so keep reading. I you feel nervous around him, try to find topics to talk about and find things in common with each other, or open up to him in some way that works for you Also if you feel awkward around him try to tell him how you feel, but dont just tell him you feel awkard, tell him you need to spend more time with him to get closer to him and possibly not feel so nervous around him Hope this helps you,sorry if not

maybe. it may be because they feel more comfortable around people the same shape as they are.

you say "by-by"and find someone new...good luck!

Just move on and find a boyfriend that is worth your time.

You find them both physically attractive.

Yes, He might feel the same way. Better to find out, it never hurt.

well it depends on who they are to you if you know them and they know you it alright because they will feel comfortable around you,. if they don't now you and you know them try to let know so you can become friends it will me easy for you to find out

Continue being her friend. And find other people to date. Either she'll marry the boyfriend, and you'll be glad you didn't wait around, or she'll break up with the boyfriend after seeing how many other women find you attractive. It's a no-lose solution.

evtually you will theres different kinf of people out there

In the American society, you can get a boyfriend any time.but to me, i feel that you shouldn't get a boyfriend early (at least after age 16 girls)Be yourself and your true friend will find you. who knows, some day He might just be the one.

AnswerWait until you feel ready, and find a good guy.

Come clean or you will have to compound it any losses will be greater if they find out on their own.

You just got to find him, he could be around there somewhere... he's just around the corner or sumthin... anywhere... just find him

* 1. Be a nice person. * 2. Hang out with people of a like mind to you. * 3. Develop friendships. * 4. Find out if any of those people are interested in you. * 5. Talk to them and see how they feel. * 6. Go from there...

he probably does not want his friends to find out about you

No, they do not. Most people only feel pain (and find out they have osteoporosis) when they fracture something.

Tell him to erase the space between the two words. Edit: It really depends on how you feel about him. If you share the feelings go for it. if not, find someone to let him know otherwise.

When you have a boyfriend and you love him very much try and control your anger. When you feel like your getting mad try and calm yourself down by breathing deeply or thinking of things. If you get mad and your around him and he thinks your a freak for that, then you shouldn't be with him. Find a guy who likes you for who you are, not for who he wants you to be.

You are not lonely, you feel alone. There are many ways to be happy. Find a hobby or get a job. Volunteer at local care stations. You cannot feel alone if you are around people and get to know them better as friends.

Break up with him and let him find a boyfriend Break up with him and let him find a boyfriend

It can happen. My first boyfriend was when I was 9. You just gotta look around and wait. Find a guy you really like and flirt with him. Hang around his friend and just be you.

Some people go about relationships differently and don't always go by a rule to call their boyfriend or girlfriend, so that could be a reason. Another reason could be, though he is your boyfriend, he isn't as interested in you as you are with him so he doesn't feel it's as dire for him to call. It's best to sort it out with him, and find his reasons for his lack of calling.

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