How do you find a boyfriend when you feel shy around new people?

You have to get over your shy-ness and realise you have to meet new people in the world to find some one for you. Just go out there and talk to new people you wil find some one they will come to you.....then on the other hand you can go to them too but I would wait for some one to come to me... Getting over shyness is difficult and it is porbably oversimplification to simply tell a shy person to go and meet people. One thing I consider fairly important is not to go into any situation with the goal of finding a boyfriend. As you meet people and develop a circle of friends, eventually love will happen. It's most important to develop a circle of social support for yourself; they will also be the people who will support you in relationships and be there if things don't go so well. But how to develop that social circle? I've moved a lot in my life, and several times I have moved hundreds and even thousands of miles to places where I didn't know anyone. It's important to find organizations where people have something in common with you. In my experience, churches, alumni associations and professional or hobby organizations are excellent because you can almost always contribute your own time and talents to the group, the members are nearly always looking for people to join, and you can talk about the groups focus, which at the beginning is always easier than talking about yourself. Also, it can build up your confidence in talking to people you don't know, and if you are hoping eventual to find a boyfriend, what better boyfriend than someone who shares a common interest? Best of luck to you in overcoming your shyness and developing friendships and more.