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How do you find a sewing educator in your local area?

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Try for sewing classes at local community college. Try for sewing classes at local community college.

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What is the best way to get more information on toyota sewing machine?

"To find lots of information on Toyota's line of sewing machines, you can find them on Toyota Sewing Machines' website. On the site, you can compare both of Toyota's current sewing products, look at pictures submitted by Toyota sewing machine enthusiasts of their finished sewing products, and find local information about Toyota Sewing Machines for your region."

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What sewing machine dealers in the Philadelphia area carry Husqvarna sewing machines?

I could not find an inventory of sewing machines in sewing machine dealers in the Philadelphia. You can try shopping around or calling.

Where can one find information on sewing jobs?

One could check their local Career Builder site to find more information on sewing jobs. One would want to specify what type of sewing they specialize in when checking out this site.

What are some brick and mortar stores one can visit to purchase sewing accessories?

One should get information of local sewing companies to get a hold on sewing accessories. One could find Sewing Supply Warehouse or a Nancynotions on ones location.

Where can you get a sewing machine?

Look on your local Craig's List for sales of used items. If you don't find one for a sewing machine you like, post a notice requesting one.


For this machine I would start online. Someone is selling one right now on ebay. You can also check sewing shops in your area. Call around and let them know you're looking for one. You can place an add in the local classifieds or try searching craigslist in your area. Good luck

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How can you find a good local dentist when new to an area?

One can find a good local dentist when new to an area by asking people in the area which is a good local dentist, by trying out the dentists himself, or by searching for reviews on doctors in that area.

Where can one find information about industrial sewing?

There is much information online about industrial sewing, which can be obtained from manufacturer's websites (e.g. Brother, Fairway) or sewing history websites (e.g. SewALot, Vale Sew). A local library would also have information on the history of industrial sewing.

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Where can you buy a bobbin case for the personal sewing machine?

You can find an online supply by typing the name and model of the sewing machine into your search box. You could take your machine to a local sewing machine repair shop, and if they don't have one in stock, they will know how to order it for you.

Where can I find a title pawn loan in my area?

To find a pawn shop in your local area is to use local newspapers or business directories. You can also do searches online for pawn shops in your local area. Most cities will have a review site for business in the local area where customers of these businesses will leave reviews about the conduct of the business.

Are there sewing machines services businesses around the Portland, Oregon area?

There are several sewing machine services in and around Portland. The best way to find one near you is to check out

How do you find out if an area is in a district?

Contact your local council.

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You can find a list of bank foreclosures for your area in your local newspapers, your local bank or websites that specialize your area. You can even ask your real estate agents.

Where in Toronto Ontario can one buy sewing patterns for a girls vest?

One could find a sewing pattern for a girl's vest at any Fabricland location. There is also several small sewing stores which sell patterns in the Toronto, Ontario area.

A manual for a Kenmore sewing machine 117.595?

for a manual that you do not have, you need to contact the manufacturer and ask them for a copy. Sometimes you can find the manuals online, but usually the only sources you will find require you to purchase the information. You can get the correct address from your local sewing machine repair or dealer.

Where can you find local jobs help?

To find local jobs in your area, try looking in your local newspaper or most areas will have a website run by their county council which should give you a list of job vacancies in your area.

Where could one purchase an antique sewing machine?

You can find an antique sewing machine online or at any of the eBay local stores in any town. A lot of them are extremely cheap concerning that it may be a collectors item.

Where can you find local jobs service?

The best way to find a local job service is to look into unemployment services in your area. They are more than likely be the best people to help you find a job in your area.

Where can one find good quality sewing thread?

A good place to find quality sewing threads are at local arts and craft stores. One would most likely recommend Michael's or Jo-Ann, the two biggest arts and craft stores in America.

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They should be listed in your local newspaper.

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