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Q: How do you find apartments that accept tenants with prior evictions?
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Can prior evictions denie your eligibility for section 8?


Renting an apartment in Indianapolis In with evictions?

Renting an apartment in Indianapolis, IN when there have been prior evictions can sometimes be tricky. It is best to be upfront with the landlord. They may require references and a security deposit in order to rent the apartment.

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The rent of an apartment can be raised as often and as high as the landlord feels like. All he has to do, is give prior notice to the tenants.

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Can the landlord break a lease before the tenants move in if its 28 days prior to the lease starting?

a landlord may not EVER break/violate a lease. [unless the tenant wishes it so]

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I was subletting a house and the renter left leaving furniture what can i do with it?

you must have the landlord amend or start a new contract with you on the (a) rental agreement with you as the remaining and continuing tenants. Then you need to have the landlord remove the abandoned property left by prior tenants and store it for a minimum of 30 days. Once this is done the landlord must give prior tenants legal notice of how and when to obtain there belongings.It must state the date it is to be picked up by with the deadline ending at midnight on the 30th day after posted or mailed date of notice. If the tentants do not show up to claim property or have not made arrainngments to retrieve the belongings the landlord can dispose of the property any way they see fit.

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What legal recourse do tenants in Massachusetts have if a landlord throws out tenants' personal belongings in storage units prior to the lease being up and when the tenants are not being evicted?

Depending on the value of the property you can bring an action in small claims court. You must have a copy of your lease, proof that you had exclusive rights to use the storage unit and receipts for the property that was thrown out to prove the dollar amount of the damages. You should also try to obtain proof of when the property was thrown out. If you have any photos of what was stored it would be helpful.

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How can a joint tenant put her half in a trust and transfer their half to others It is now tenants in common Now that she passed I still only own half not a whole in right of survivorship?

Is it legal If I was not asked to sign the deed prior to his death?.

Are subtennants responsible for the furnishings when rented furnished?

If you Sub least a furnished dwelling you are responsible for everything the original tenant was. If the furniture was the tenants prior to subletting and you damaged it, well you should be responsible but if the prior tenant didn't get it in writing that would be something for the judge to decide. Who damaged the furniture? But regardless of what the judges ruling is don't forget about KARMA, it can and will run over your Dogma!

What information do landlords pull on potential renters?

If he is a good landlord, he would check with local courts to see if you have a habit of prior evictions. Credit reports don't really have allot to do with someone, in my opinion, as a bad credit rating might simply mean, they have allot of medical bills that cannot be paid or student loans. Something that wouldn't really affect him renting to you. But checking with the courts for prior evictions would tell the story of how you are going to be as a potential tenant. I also check criminal history as that would tell what type of person you are. I have used this standard and it seems to work well. But all landlords are different, especially in the tools they use in deciding who they choose to rent to. This is just mine and many other I happen to know that are also landlords.

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If photographs taken as evidence of damage to a property were taken 8 months prior to the tenants moving into the property has the landlord committed the offense of contempt of court?

If photos were taken eight months prior to the tenant moving in and the landlord is using this as evidence of that tenant's damages then he is NOT committing an offense of Contempt of Court: he is committing the offense of PERJURY, or lying to court and creating false evidence, which is even more serious.

If the landlords accepted half the rent owed can they then proceed to evict me?

Yes--unless you and the landlord made an agreement not to evict in writing, the landlord waives no right to evict you simply by accepting a partial rent payment. However, making even a partial payment shows good faith on your part. I suggest you work with the landlord prior to eviction--evictions are costly and complicated.

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Generally, a will written prior to marriage is invalidated by the marriage to the extent set forth by state law. The surviving spouse will be provided a share of the estate under most state laws. If the spouse dies owning real property, the surviving spouse will get a share in that property. In the scenario set forth in the question a man purchased property prior to his marriage and then transferred that first property to a trust before purchasing a second property as joint tenants with his wife. His wife would have no interest in the first property. As long as the trust is valid and the transfer was properly executed, the first property would not be included in the husband's estate if he died.

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The cabin became part of the real estate when it was constructed on your husband's individually owned land. Unless he specifically grants that property to you in his will his children may inherit an interest with you under the laws of intestacy in your state. In order to protect your interest, if he wants to do that, he should convey that property to you and himself as tenants by the entirety or as joint tenants with the right of survivorship.

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