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So, we have the goalkeeper, he must save the goal. The defense (4 players normally) consists in two lateral defenders (right and left) that must both defend and help the attack, and two central defenders, who have the sole mission to disarm their opponents. Then we have the wingers, in my opinion the most important position in soccer, due to their sprints and crosses, they can break the opponent defense and its their mission to feed the team's attack. Depending on the tactic used one team can have a defensive midfielder, that helps the defenders but can make forward runs, the central midfielder or an attacking midfielder, that joins the attack. The main ob for the central midfielder is to distribute, to pass the ball to his best positioned team-mates. These players must have a good passing ability. Then we have the strikers, their goal is to score :) and that's all!

Best players (in my opinion) for each position (in my fav tactic)

GK - Petr Cech (Czech Republic/Chelsea)RD - Carles Puyol (Spain/BArcelona)LD - Ashley Cole (England/Arsenal)CD - Ricardo Carvalho (Portugal/Chelsea)CD - Sol Campbell (England/Arsenal)DMC - Patrick Vieira (France/Arsenal)RW (right winger) - Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal/Manchester United)LW - Damien Duff (Republic of Ireland/Chelsea)AMC - Frank Lampard (England/Chelsea)SC - Trezeguet (France/Juventus)SC - Thierry Henry (France/Arsenal)

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Q: How do you find in full detail what each soccer position does?
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