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try searching up a official site of the manafacturers but I know some bat ranks here they are 1. DeMarini ( my favorite !!!!!!!!!!!! ) 2. Easton ( love the Stealths and Synergys ) 3. Louisville Slugger ( Alex Rodriguez got sponsored by them ) 4. Rawlings ( thier Nemesis bats are pretty good ) 5. Worth ( I have the Amp and It's ranked the 6th best bat ) If you are looking to buy a bat buy a DeMarini because they're th top bat manafacturers I won a 2009 DeMarini Vendetta for half the price $60.00 on ebay. Yes, they are quite popular. But, if you want to find a certain manufacturer, i would look them up on Google, and look for their official site. ask around but if your a power hitter get a bat that does not have a tingy sound because they are thin and brake easier and dont hit as solid but if your are an on base hitter then get a light bat that is strong so you can place it well.

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Q: How do you find info on baseball bat manufacturers?
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Where can you find a tip for a baseball bat?

be more specific about the bat you are looking for (eg. wood or metal, softball or baseball, youth or adult.) a lot of good info on the web if you Google what you want. good luck!

How do you test a baseball bat between a wodden baseball bat?

You cant really test it accurately, but for the info, the aluminum bats can hit a ball harder, faster, and farther.

What is the value of spalding mickey mantel special model bat?

Did you ever get an answer? I can't seem to find any info on this bat.

Where can you find info about the origins of the baseball ball and bat?

One might start with the website belowthat details the history of theLouisville Slugger:

What is the value of a baseball bat signed by 35 Hall of Famers?

The answer to your question is a relatively simple one but requires more info. Specifically, who is present on the bat, what type of bat is it, and when & where was it obtained?

How do you find the weight of a baseball bat?

wiegh it on a scale

How much is a baseball bat?

Baseball bat prices will depend based on which bat you get and what size the bat is. Baseball bats can go from $50 all the way up to the current most expensive adult (-3) baseball bat which is $700. My suggestion is that you find out what size you need and then go to websites like, , , or visit your local Sporting Goods Store for that baseball bat. Good Luck!!!

What does a Major League Baseball baseball bat cost?

A baseball and a bat cost $24. If the bat costs $10 more than the baseball, what is the cost of the bat (in $)?

What does it mean to find a bat in your car?

Time to go to baseball practice!

Is the baseball term at bat or at the bat?

its at bat

Do you have to have extra tech on your cricket bat?

Putting extra tech on your bat is not a necesity However many bat manufacturers reccomend that you do to prolong the life of your bat. A downside will be that the bat will loose it's ping

How was the baseball bat invented?

how was the baseball bat originally invented

Describe how a baseball bat is a lever?

how is a baseball bat a lever???

What is the constant when a bat hit a baseball?

The mass of the bat and the baseball.

What is a baseball bat?

A "Baseball Bat," it used in a sport called, Baseball. What it is, is either a wooden, or aluminum bat, ranging from 20" -sometimes 40". It is used to hit the ball that is pitched down the plate, you swing it with your arms, and the ball will bounce of the bat. There are rules though. If you end up putting a cork in your bat, (which makes the ball bounce off the bat harder) and if they find out, you could get suspended, or even kicked out of the Baseball league.

Where can you find information on the first official Ty Cobb brand baseball bat?

In 1905 Honus Wagner, a star for the Pittsburgh Pirates, signed a contract with Hillerich & Bradsby co. and became the first player ever to endorse a bat. His autograph was also the first to be used on a bat and the first known professional athlete endorsement of a retail product. Ty Cobb signed with the company in 1908. Referring to your question official Ty Cobb brand baseball bat, I take it you mean Ty Cobb endorsed bat. I am not familiar with a Ty Cobb brand Baseball bat. If this is in fact what you are writing about please get back to me with more on what info you have.

Is a baseball bat made of softwood?

Not at all. They are made out of the hardest wood you can find.

What unit of measurement would you use to find the mass of a baseball bat?


What do you do when your stealth baseball bat breaks?

umm, i would say you should buy a new bat or find a store that repairs your bats

Who invented the composite baseball bat?

who evented the composite baseball bat

What object is about 1 meter long?

a baseball bat

What website can you find the Rawlings Plasma baseball bat in 31 inches and 23 oz?

baseball or

What website can you find the Rawlings Plasma baseball bat in 31 inches and 23 ounces?

baseball or

What is an alliteration phrase for bat?

baseball bat

Describe how a baseball bat is like a lever?

a baseball bat is a "lever" in the way that the ball comes off the bat. When the baseball makes contact with the bat, the bat gives, or bends. What causes the ball to then travel is when the bat snaps back into a straight object. Thus, the bat is, in a way, a lever.