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if you say a bad word on combat arms your kicked out

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Q: How do you find out how long you are suspended for on combat arms?
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Does combat arms work Intel atom?

Combat Arms will work with any processor as long as it, and the other hardware of the computer can handle it.

Is Combat Arms virus free?

As long as you buy it from steam it will NOT give you a virus

Does combat arms work with laptops?

Yes, as long as your laptop can handle medium shooter games, it should be able to handle combat arms. Some laptops are built specifically for gaming and those are recommended, while others are not and you might have some trouble. Check the specs on your laptop against the specs on the Combat Arms website.

Combat arms patch takes SO LONG?

my computer is slow and my internet is slow so the patching on combat arms takes so slow and i mean is there any way to speed it up? I also am wondering if it will even let me get on the server to play.

How do you find out how long a PS3 account is suspended?

Call playstation they give you a date

How long are you banned from combat arms?

depends on how bad your offense is. usually forever. but hey, at least your name goes on the wall of shame =P

How long are you suspended for?

Please clarify so we can answer. Suspended from what?

How long are you suspended?

Please clarify so we can answer. Suspended from what?

Games like soldier front?

There is counter strike, which costs $10, and there is combat arms. Counter Strike is fun and sometimes random, like you can fight with lightsabers or penguins. The problem is that it takes a long time to get a good gun in some cases. Combat Arms is fun because you can customize your own gun, add scopes silencers. Also when you buy a gun you can get it for one day , a couple days, a week or keep it. Soldier Front is the best, but out of those two Combat Arms is better.

How long would be suspended if you got suspended on wild ones?


Is true concerning post combat stress?

It is a long term reaction to combat and operational exposure

Can your license get suspended for seatbelt tickets?

Can your license get suspended for seatbelt tickets how long