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For most bills you need to know what series date it is (i.e the date and whether there is a small letter next to the date), and what condition it's in. Then you can post a new question or look it up in a price guide such as the one linked below.

A few silver certificates come in multiple varieties within a single year, so you may also need to note special characteristics like the seal color. It's normally blue but there were some printed with yellow or brown seals for use during WWII.

Note - the serial number is NOT necessary because it doesn't ID a bill.

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Q: How do you find out how much a silver certificate is worth?
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1957a silver certificate?

How much is a 1957a silver certificate worth?

How much is a 2001 two dollar silver certificate worth?

The U.S. hasn't printed silver certificates since the 1960s, and there was never a $2 silver certificate.

How much is a 1932 silver certificate dollar bill worth?


How much is a 1943 silver certificate dollar coin worth?

A silver certificate is paper currency. It is not a coin. No silver dollars were minted in 1943, and no silver certificates were printed with that date either.

How much is a 1963 2.00 us silver certificate worth?

It's a U.S. Note rather than a silver certificate. It's worth face value if circulated, $3 if uncirculated.

How much is a 1934 100 silver certificate worth?

Please look at the bill more carefully. It's a Federal Reserve Note, not a silver certificate.

How much is 1935g silver certificate worth?

$2 to $3 in average condition

How much is a Silver certificate paper dollar serial N45793197A worth?


How much is a 1957b silver certificate dollar bill with blue ink worth?

About $1.25

How much is a star note silver certificate worth?

Depends on year condition etc.

How much is a 1935G silver certificate 1.00 star note with Star ahead of serial worth?

It is worth ≈ $10

How much is 1957 silver certificate worth today?

It is impossible to answer without knowing the condition and the denomination.

How much is a 1957 silver certificate 1.00 bill without a star by the serial number worth?

Less than 11% of all the 1957 series Silver Certificates have the star by the serial no. If your Silver Certificate is in choice crisp condition it is worth $40.00. In circulated condition, it's worth about $5.00

When will a1957 1 silver certificate be worth 1000?

Probably never. It's not rare enough to be worth that much. The only way it might happen is if there is dramatic hyperinflation. In that scenario, it won't be so much that your silver certificate is valuable, but rather that the dollar becomes worthless.

How much is a five dollar silver certificate worth?

In circulated condition, about $8 A nice crisp uncirculated one is worth about $15

How do you grade a silver certificate?

If they are torn they are not worth much over face value unless they are the oversize notes.

How much is an uncirculated silver certificate one dollar bill 1957 D worth?


How much is a Series 1934 silver certificate dollar worth?

A $1 silver certificate series 1934 is currently worth about $20 in circulated condition, and about $40 in a nice, crisp uncirculated condition.DanUser:WorkingMan

How much is a 1999series 5 dollar bill with blue seal and doesnt say silver certificate worth?

Of course a series 1999 $5 bill isn't a silver certificate. Silver certificates haven't been printed in 50 years. A 1999 $5 is worth face value.

How much is a silver certificate copy series 1899?

Copies are rarely worth much more than the paper they're printed on.

How much is a 1927 100 dollar gold and silver certificate worth?

there weren't any notes issued in 1927

How much a a blue seal 1934 C 5.00 silver certificate worth?

what ever someone is willing to pay

How much is a 1935G 1 dollar silver certificate worth?

In average circulated condition, about $1.50 If nicer, about $4.00

How much is a 1953 5 dollar silver certificate worth?

In circulated condition, it's worth about $8-10. A nice crisp uncirculated one is worth about $18.

How much maney 's worth a silver certificate US 100.000.000 edition 1924 or 1934?

There is no such denomintion of currency. Please examine your silver certificate and then submit a new question with more accurate information.