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Your bank will send you a notice by mail, and most likely charge you a fee for writing the bad check. many times you can also call telecheck and scan to see if they have record of an unpaid check in your name.

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Q: How do you find out if you owe on a bad check?
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If you didnt owe money for 2007 but you did owe for past years will you still get a check?

i think if you don't owe taxes for 2007,but owe taxes on prior years you should still get a stimulus check as long as you are making monthly payments on what you owe.

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Do you still owe if the creditor does not cash the check or it was lost?

Yes, you still owe the money if for some reason the creditor does not cash your check or has lost it. The creditor can request a new check.

Still get a stimulus check if owe on current tax year?

No, it will be kept up to the amount that you owe.

You owe a a settlement from a lawsuit and paid it but the cashiers check expired do you still owe the money?

Yes, you still owe the money. Yes, if the cashiers check expired the money is still available in that account so all you will need to do is have another cashiers check cut.

How do you find out why the army and airforce garnidhed your income tax refund?

I assume you mean AAFES. You need to call them and ask. You may owe for a bad check or credit. They make mistakes a lot, so you need to make sure that it was not done in error.

If you receive a refund check does that mean you don't owe any money to the university?

If you get a refund check from a university does not mean you owe the university money. This means that the university owes you money and this is what the check is given to you for.

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To find out if you owe excise tax on a vehicle you can call your local town hall. If you give them your information, they can look up the records to let you know if you owe anything and how much you owe.

If the IRS says you owe back taxes will you still get a stimulus check?

You might be able to get a partial check. It all depends on how much you owe. I called the IRS hotline the other day to ask the same question and I was told they take whatever you owe out of that check and then send you the remaining amount.

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If I owe back child support money, will the IRS hold my refund or delay my refund? Yes. The Bureau of Fiscal Service (BFS) might delay or offset your refund to pay your debt. For child support tax refund concerns, contact your debt agency to determine if it submitted your tax debt for a tax refund debt offset.

Do you owe FICA and MEDICARE taxes on a unemployment benefit check?


Medicare 250rebate if you owe child supoort will you get a check?


Can you get a passport card if you owe taxes?

No credit check for a passport.

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There is no way to find people who owe the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). These types of lists are not public information.


How can a i out if a cashiers check is bad. i think someone is trying to get money from me. ***** Take the cheque to your bank and ask them to verify that the cheque is genuine or not. If not, take it to the police.