How do you find out your ring size?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Measure the finger. also 2 find out ur g friends ring size is to measure it when shes asleep!

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Q: How do you find out your ring size?
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How do I find out my ring size?

You can go to a jeweler and they can size you there or you can download a ring size guide from online.

How can you get your ring size?

You can get your ring size at a jeweler, wait for a physica ring sizer in the mail or find your ring size online using a website such as httpP://

How do you find out your girlfriends ring size?

You may need to find out your girlfriend's ring size without her knowing. You could try asking her friends or family.

Where can one find a ring sizing chart?

One can find a ring sizing chart at many jewelry stores. Each store will have a poster of what each ring size means and how big each ring size actually is.

How do you find out your girl friends ring size?

There are a few ways to find out your girfriends ring size. You can ask her mother or take one of her rings to the jewler and let him measure it. If you buy the worng size, most places will resize the ring for free.

What size is the ring size of a 14mm ring?

A 14mm size ring is a US size 3.

How do you fix a ring in a ring binder?

How do you measure your ring size?

You can measure your ring size in several different ways:1. Go to a store and have a jeweler do it.2. If you have a ring that fits you, use a ring chart that you can print out3. Measure your ring size online (for example Find My Ring Size Use a piece of paper and wrap it around your finger.5. Use a plastic or metal ring sizer that you can get in a store or sent to you by mail/post

How do you find out a guy's ring size?

I make a paper ring and try to fix it to his finger ...what ever fit show it to the jewerler

How do you convert men's ring size to women's ring size?

First, definitely no, there is no difference between men sizes and women sizes. An easy way to find your size online is to check out the related link below.

How do you find your ring size?

There are several ways to determine your ring size. You can measure your finger and then refer to an online size chart or you can place a ring that fits you onto an online size chart to determine your size.

What is refrigerator Perry's ring size?

The ring size is 23.