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Acceleration = velocity/time

Velocity = time * acceleration


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How do you find speed from acceleration and time?

speed equals to acceleration into time

How do you find the uniform acceleration if the speed and acceleration are given?

Find out the time using speed and acceleration, (time=speed/acceleration) and then use it to find out uniform velocity. From that find out uniform acceleration. (as uniform acceleration is equal changes of velocity over equal intervals of time)

How do you find speed when given acceleration and time?

The speed at the end of the time is (speed at the beginning of the time) plus (acceleration x length of time)

How do you find acceleration from speed?

If speed does not change, then acceleration is 0 To find acceleration, you must also know the time Speed = metres per second. Acceleration = meters per second, per second Therefore you can use the equation m/s2 to find the acceleration. change in speed/ change in time.

How do you find out acceleration?

Acceleration = (change in speed) divided by (time for the change)

How do you find the acceleration?

Acceleration = (change in speed) divided by (time for the change)

How do you find speed when acceleration and time have given?

Acceleration = Change in Speed divided by Time over which the change takes place. If acceleration is constant then Acc = [Final Speed - Initial speed] / Time If not, Acc = gradient of Speed-Time graph.

How can you find time when speed and acceleration is given?

Time = Speed/Accleration only if acceleration is constant, and initial velocity is 0.

How do you find average acceleration?

Acceleration = (change in speed) divided by (time for the change)

How do you find final speed if acceleration time and beginning velocity is given?

(acceleration X time) + beginning velocity = final speed

The relationship of speed and acceleration?

Acceleration is the time rate of change of speed. Acceleration = speed/time.

How do you calculate time with speed and acceleration?

Average acceleration = Change in speed/time so Time = Change in speed/Average acceleration

How to find acceleration?

Acceleration has two parts ... its size and its direction.To find the size (magnitude):-- pick a time interval-- measure the speed at the beginning of the interval-- measure the speed at the end of the interval-- subtract the speed at the beginning from the speed at the end-- divide that difference by the length of the time interval-- the result is the magnitude of acceleration during that time interval

How do you find acceleration of a speed time graph?

Acceleration=change in y graph/change in x graph

How can you find speed when given force and time?

Not enough information. If you also know an object's mass, you can use Newton's Second Law to find the acceleration. Then simply multiply acceleration x time to get the speed (assuming that the initial speed is zero).

How do you use an acceleration graph to determine speed?

You can't. However, you can find the change in speed between two points in time by finding the area under the acceleration-time graph.

How do you find force and acceleration when you have mass time and distance?

-- With the distance the mass moved and the time it took, all you can find is its average speed during that time. -- If you had its two different distances at two different times, then you could find an acceleration. -- With an acceleration and the mass, you can then find the force on it.

What is the acceleration?

Acceleration is the change in velocity with time, for linear (constant) acceleration it is calculated by: (End Speed -Start Speed)/time taken

Explain how to graphycally find acceleration from Speed vs Time graph?

simply put the acceleration is the slope of the speed vs time graphTheory Partthink of it this way. the unit for speed is meters per second or m/sthe unit for acceleration is meters per second per second or m/s2so essentially if speed is the change in position per change in time, acceleration is the change in speed per change in time.Practical Partnow for the actual answer. look at the slope of your speed vs time graph at any time. that slope is the acceleration at that time. If you find the slope between two points on your graph, that gives you the average acceleration over that interval of time.

How is speed and acceleration related?

Acceleration is the change in velocity ("speed") over time.

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