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It can be bought at the Pokemart in Celadon City.

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Q: How do you find the TM hyper beam in fire red?
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In Pokemon fire red what moves do gyrardos learn?

Bite, Dragon Rage, Leer, Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, Dickbutt

What moves does lancecteach his Pokemon?

In Pokémon Red, Blue and Green, Lance's Gyarados knows Hydro Pump, Leer, Dragon Rage and Hyper Beam, his two Dragonair will know Slam, Hyper Beam, Dragon Rage and Agility, his Aerodactyl knows Take Down, Bite, Supersonic and Hyper Beam and Dragonite will know Barrier, Agility, Slam and Hyper Beam.In Pokémon Yellow his Gyarados will know Leer, Hydro Pump, Dragon Rage and Hyper Beam, his one Dragonair will know Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Slam and Hyper Beam, his other Dragonair will know Wrap, Bubblebeam, Ice Beam and Hyper Beam, Aerodactyl will know Fly, Wing Attack, Swift and Hyper Beam and Dragonite will know Hyper Beam, Fire Blast, Blizzard and Thunder.

Is hyper beam a special or physical attack in fire red?

Hyper beam is a physical move, if it was a special it would effect ghosts. that is incorrect i do not no if its physical or special but ghost type are immune to fighting, ground and normal not physical because it can be hit by aerial ace

What is the best party combination for Pokemon Red?

Someone suggested this team for Pokemon Red/Blue: Charizard with Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Slash, Earthquake Dugtrio with Earthquake, Slash, Rock Slide, and Cut Snorlax with Strength, Hyper Beam, Surf, and Blizzard Exeggutor with Psychic, Mega Drain, Sleep Powder, and Egg Bomb Fearow with Hyper Beam, Drill Peck, Fly, and Mimic Lapras with Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Psychic

What are raikou's best 4 moves in Pokemon leafgreen?

raikou's most powerfull moves in Pokemon leaf green and fire red are hyper beam thunderbolt thunder rest

What level does Dragonite learn ice beam?

Lugia already has hyper beam you spasticI don't know what the person on top is speaking of. Lugia does not level up to learn Hyper Beam. You must use the TM 15 (Hyper Beam) so Lugia will learn it.

How do you get hyper beam in Pokemon Red?

here is how CRASH YOUR GAME RIGHT NOW IF YU WANT IT Hey you guy, he just asked a question! let me answer to your question, and ignore this stupid dude's respond. You can't get it free, but you can purchase the TM15 Hyper Beam in the Celadon City Mart. Hope I helped :)

Is hyper beam a special or physical move in fire red?

its a physical because normal falls in the physical category because if you look up terms in the help guide in the game and go to attack and it will say all normal attacks are physical along with a couple other types

Where do you buy a hyper potion in pokemon fire red?

You can find it in: Location Saffron City Price 1200Saffron City 1200Cinnabar Island 1200Three Island 1200Seven Island 1200Seven Island 1200

In Pokemon fire red is ice beam physical?

Ice Beam is a Special attack so it's power is based on your pokemon's Special Attack stat.

What are some Hyper beam wonder mail codes for red rescue?

Here you go: 2?29 QCX? ?P6- Y5?8 6410 P??W

Where do you find ice beam in Pokemon fire red?

go to celadon game room buy coins or win 4'000 coins, then buy tm13. But you can also find it in the cave where you catch Articuno. Hope that helps!