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How do you find the age of a Lefever shotgun?


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In order to determine the age of Lefever shotgun, the serial number must be known. However, Lefever shotguns were only made and distributed between 1885-1916.


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If it doesn't say Lefever somewhere on the gun, I don't think you have a Lefever.

You've got too many numbers there. sales@countrygunsmith.net

Your shotgun was manufactured in 1923, by Ithica Guns which took over the Lefever brand when they acquired the corporation in 1916.

According to doublegunshop.com the year of mfg would be 1922

Ithaca Firearms manufactured the Lefever Nitro Special shotgun with serial numbers between 101600 and 119899 in 1922.

The average cost of a Lefever Nitro Special shotgun at auction is $650. This amount may be higher or lower depending on the condition of the gun.

Depends on if it is sidelock or boxlock. Generally, 1916-1948. sales@countrygunsmith.net

The Lefever Nitro special shotgun was made from 1921-1948.During this time frame the lefever shotguns were owned by the Ithaca Firearms Company.The price range of your shotgun if it has between 60%-90% of its original factory finish remaining is from 300-450 dollars.I hope you find this info helpful.

Try these sources: Numrich gunpartscorp.com Jack First jackfirstgun.com Bob's Gun Shop gun-parts.com

If it is a double, remove barrel and you will see it along with serial #.

The model number is on the water table directly after the serial number, usually a letter ranging from A thru I with I the least fancy.

Your Shotgun was made by Lefever from 1885-1919.Lefever started business in the year 1885.A (G grade) model hammerless 12 gauge shotgun will range in price from 800-1,400 dollars for a gun showing between 10%-70% of its original finish remaining,and a good set of bores.

An early model Lefever single-barrel 12-gauge shotgun with a 30-inch plain barrel can be found for sale online for $300. This is the price for one that is in excellent condition.

The best that I can do is say that the Lefever Nitro special was made from 1921-1948.

Open the action. It is stamped on the water table, which is the flat part of the frame where the barrels sit. sales@countrygunsmith.net

To get a parts breakdown you would need to take the shotgun into a gun store. The store will be able to provide an estimate, or order new parts.

Lefever arms company made shotguns from 1885-1916. After that Ithaca acquired the Lefever name. The Ithaca ones are generaly worth less. But I need more info from you. Serial # and other markings???  answerCan you give more info?? Any and all numbers and letters on water table. (flat area on receiver when the breech is open)Does it say "Lefever arms company" , "Lefever, D.M & Son" or "Ithaca" antwhere?yes lefever arms co. sn 47782 barrel no. 65955 patent no. 1872, 78, 80, 85, 86, 87it says lefever arms company serial number 47782 barrel num. 65955

I have an original 16 ga. nitro special made by Lefever. The sight bead is one eighth if an inch in diameter.

I would say that with the serial number 1321XX,we are looking at your shotgun being made by ithaca(who made the lefever nitro special) in 1924.

The Nitro Special was introduced in 1921 and discontinued in 1947. Yours is fairly late, probably late 1930's.AnswerIthaca Firearms manufactured the Lefever Nitro Special (A Grade) with serial numbers between 357300 and 361199 in 1947. This was the last year that model was made.

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