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If its a Visa... goto www.visa.com then check balance and then account history, it sohuld do it for all

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What is the balance of your gift card wachovia gift card?

It will have approximately the amount that came on it less any purchases you have made.

What can you get your grandmother for under 20?

A nice hand made card or gift card or both!

Is the card insured if stolen?

Yes. If you report a card stolen, then you are not liable for any charges not made by you personally.

Can I use JcPenney Coupons with a gift card?

You can use JcPenney coupons on a purchase made with a gift card. JcPenney has a relatively relaxed coupon policy.

If you lose your card are you liable for any charges made by an unauthorized person?

No, you are usually not liable for any charges that an unauthorized person makes on the card. You need to let the company know promptly that your card has been lost, though.

What is the best credit card for a teenager?

The best credit card for a teenager that I could find was the Visa Buxx card. It is preloaded, so that the credit limit cannot be exceeded and no extra charges can be made. This also keeps from having a monthly payment.

Which statement about a lost or stolen travel card is true?

The cardholder is responsible for the authorized charges made before losing the card.

Which of the statements about a lost or stolen travel card is true?

The cardholder is responsible for authorized charges made before losing the card

Can you buy a visa gift card at target with a target gift card?

You aren't supposed to, but if u just swipe it real fast and don't let the cashier know its a store credit or gift card, it works. I've done this when I made a return without a receipt, so I turned around and bought an Amex gift card. Worked like a charm.

Can a purchase made with a visa gift card cost more than the balance on the gift card?

Visa gift cards are a wonderful thing to give or receive since they are accepted almost anywhere you go. If you buy a $100 item with a $50 Visa gift card, you will have to cover the difference out of pocket, but it is nice to get a $100 item and only have to pay $50 yourself.

Is it fraud for an authorized user to make charges after the death of the primary credit card card holder?

You were an authorized user of the card and should be able to use it any time. It's not a fraud for you to use the card. That is... unless you made the charges on the card while knowing that the bill would not be paid because of the primary card holder's death. That could be considered fraud.

Can a car payment be made with visa gift card?

As long as the finance company accepts credit cards, but when I was in the finance business a few years ago, nobody accepted them. But no you can not buy a car with a visa gift card.

ITunes gift card codes?

this made my day I got a iTunes Card Code and it got accepted! If you need a code check out http://freeitunesforever.com

Who is responsible and liable for paying your individually billed account IBA travel charge card bill?

You are personally liable for all charges made on your travel charge card.

Can ya get cash back from a walmart gift card?

At this time, Walmart does not give its customers the option of getting cash back on a purchase made with one of its gift cards.

What can you make your teachers for teacher appreciation week?

Something you made out with your own hands like a bracelet or a card or a gift

What are opinions on WEPC.com?

Yes, it is a scam. Do not under any circumstances give your credit card or debit card information, no matter what. The majority of complaints are for unauthorized charges made on cards.

Are there any cheap solutions for a gift for the Father's Day?

The cheapest solution for a Fathers Day gift would be a home made present. Baked goods, a hand made card or a framed photograph would all be suitable.

Would an ex-spouse be responsible for credit card debt even though his name was removed from the account and the charges were made after the divorce?

If he is not on the account he is not responsible for the debt, even if he made charges. If the charges were made without the consent of the account holder he could be guilty of a fraudulent act. Whoever's name is on the account is the one who owes the debt.

Is the credit card holder estate responsible for charges made to the card after the holder dies?

Were these Charges MADE after the Death of the Card Holder? - if Not - then the answer is NO -- NO -- NO ....Why then do most trustors pay off? Its a step in "wrapping Up" someones affairs - the paying off of Credit Cards and other debts - The "good old soul.. his word was his bond would have wanted it that way! Lets get it clear - Credit Card charges made by a decedent - ARE not subject to repayment if that person cannot by the fact of their death - pay that bill in person by check or moneyorder. The estate has no obligation to pay off credit card charges, only the living person who made those purchases & charges is responsible.Think of it this way - if your relative shot somebody, and then died - would you have to go prison for them? That's not logical! Inheritors of estates large & small are entitled to suffer their loss without private or public harrassment from bill collectors!

Can you sue your ex for debt he put on your credit card?

Yes, you are entitled to recover the full amount for any charges that were made after you separated.

What is lighting made of?

negative charges an charges

Do you have to pay a credit card bill if don't use the credit card?

No, since you dont use the card, you dont have any charges made to the card, you owe the bank/card issuer nothing, you dont have to pay anything except for an annual fees which is included in the credit card statement/bill

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