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By it's model name & serial number.

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Q: How do you find when a colt revolver was made?
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Have a colt break open revolver can't find year made?

Call Colt

Who made the revolver?

Samuel Colt

Where was the Colt revolver made? has Colt sn data.

When was serial number 433143 colt new service revolver made?

You can find out at

Where was the colt revolver rilfe made?

In the USA

What year was colt lawman revolver serial number 75479J produced?

Your Colt Lawman revolver was made in the year 1972.

When was a colt 45 revolver 277290 sold?

You will have to get a letter from Colt to find out who they shipped it to in order to figure out approximatley when it was sold. That sn was made in 1906.

What is a colt cowboy ranger revolver?

There is no such thing. The Cowboy Ranger revolver is not made by Colt. The reason it has Colt stamped on the barrel is because you can use Colt ammunition. The Cowboy Ranger revolver is a pre WW1 revolver that was distributed in the US but also brought over from the soldiers as they returned from the war. If you can find any information on the manufacturing date and how to identify it please let me know

Who made colt peterson in which yearfrom where he got the idea of making revolver?

Colt Paterson, the revolver was patented by Samuel Colt on February 25, 1836 in the US.

What year was colt's manufacturing company 38 cal revolver serial 94764 made?

38 cal colt's revolver sn 94764 what year was it made?

What year was colt new service revolver serial number 124473 made in?

Your colt was made in 1916.

What are the production dates of a colt viper .38 revolver?

You can find out at in the Colt tables.

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