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you dont

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Q: How do you fix a blown amplifier?
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How do you fix blown fuse of 5.1 home theater amplifier?

If the fuse is not located on the back of the amplifier near the power cord, it is likely located inside on the circuit board. If you are not familiar with repairing electronic devices, DO NOT OPEN THE AMPLIFIER. There are dangerous voltages present inside the amp, even when the power cord is unplugged. Contact the store where you purchased the amplifier to recommend a repair depot.

Is it more likely that the amplifier or the speakers would go out in a 1989 dodge dynasty with a infinity sound system?

Amplifier or blown fuse.

Will bars fix blown head gasket in 1978 midget?

No, the only permanent fix for a blown head gasket is to replace it.

Will black pepper fix blown head gasket?

No it will not. The only thing that will fix a blown head gasket is to replace the gasket.

Does dura sealer fix BloWn head gasket?

No, nothing will fix a blown head gasket except replacing it. Sealer are only used in an emergency situation as a temporary fix.

How do you fix your remote central locking on a fiesta?

What do mean fix it? Have checked the fuse has not blown?

What do you do with a blown amplifier?

depends what part is blown. most likely the ouput transistors. in that case, just get them replaced. if it keeps happening, get them replaced with heavier duty transistors.

2003 Toyota 4Runner how to fix blown fuse?


How do you fix a blown light bulb?

you don't. it blew out stupid?

What is the need of biasing a transistor?

Biasing is done to fix the operating point of amplifier

Can you fix a blown motor?

It would be more cost effective to replace the blown engine with a re-manufactured one.

What can i do for a quick fix if my engine is locked its a 95 Geo Tracker?

Locked meaning blown?,no quick fix.

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