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Is your filter in? I'm asking for the simple reason that your running at 2-3lbs, if you were running at 25+ then I would say your having a restriction problem somewhere. (Filter, skimmers, maindrains and so on.) Is this a new or old pool? Did you have a pool company maintaining it? where are you from (weather)? maybe a suction line has a hole or crack. This would be a good one to look in to. Did you pressure test all lines?

Check your pump impeller to see if it is clogged with debris. This will cause it to lose operating pressure. Also if you have a bleed line on your filter open it slightly to see if air will blow out. If it does, you have air trapped in your lines and this indicates that you have an air leak somewhere.

The question should be do you have excess pressure or little or no pressure?


Actually, you may have a downstream restriction. Were you cleaning your pool? I did and the DE filter was damaged so it was bypassing actually filtering anything; salt water generator became clogged. I heard the pump sound change so I went to check, reading nearly zero on the filter but pump was working (would self-prime). Removed and cleaned the salt water generator ... pressure problem solved.

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Q: How do you fix a water pressure problem?
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