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Depends on the oil leak. If it is on the exhaust manifolds, that's Valve covers. Pull them off, clean the head contact point and the covers themselves and replace the gaskets. If it on the Rear of your motor, there are two possibilites. If its on the top of the motor and no where else, that's probably a lower intake rear gasket. In order to replace that, you have to remove the upper intake AKA plenum, unbolt the heater hoses, any hoses attached to your intakes(vaccum mostly) remove the lower intake, and scrape clean any contact points. Place new gaskets to the lower intake, place the lower intake Squarely on the motor or else it will leak. then re-attach any vacum lines, re-attach the upper intake, the heater lines and drive. If the motor is leaking oil from the rear and its all over your transmission, and the tip of your starter motor, then its a Rear Main Seal. Since this involves removal of the Flexplate and Transmission, I would recommend a shop for this one. If its leaking from the front of the motor, it could be a front mainseal, whick involves removing all of the accesories, the water pump and any other associated attachments. Also recommend a shop for this seal. If the motor is leaking from the bottom only, this is most likely an Oil Pan Gasket. In order to change this gasket, raise the motor by removing the motor mounting bolts, and jacking the motor up with a hydraulic jack. place blocks of wood under the space you have gained with the motor mounts. then un-bolt the oil pan, and lower it onto the frame. disconntect the oil pump and pick-up tubes and remove them from the pan. then carefully remove the old gasket and scrape the residue from the block and pan. slide in the new gasket, replace the pan back to the block and tighten the bolts. Raise the motor again, remove the wood blocks, lower it onto the mounts and attach the mounts. Finally, there may also be a oil leak from the base of the distributor. To replace this, unplug the distributor and slide it out. Be sure to mark #1 spark plug wire and #1 position on the distributor. after the distributor is out, pull the old O-ring fron the motor where the dist slides in. place the new o-ring and replace the distributor.

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Q: How do you fix an oil leak in a Mercury Grand Marquis?
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