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Remove folding stock (requires a hex key).

Saw off barrel. Look for a point a couple of inches foreward of internals and try not to cut into the battery box.

Voila, you have a machine pistol. In my opinon it shoots about as well as it ever did and mine has only 1.5 inches of barrel left.

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Check out this vid, it is extremely helpful

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depends on which part needs fixed

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Q: How do you fix your Crosman pulse r76 airsoft gun?
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Does the Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft Gun come with a charger when you buy it?


Where can you find a suppressor that fits on a Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft gun?

You have to make one

Can you take the scope off the crosman pulse r71 airsoft gun?

No, the scope is the hopper. its not really a scope

Is the Crosman airsoft pulse r76 repeater airsoft gun have a wind clip?

Yes, the Pulse R76 clip requires a quick wind-up after releasing a certain number of pellets.

Your Crosman Pulse P50 shoots but nothing comes out of the barrel How can you fix this?

Find a qualified air gun gun smith.

How Do you fix a broken crosman Remington tac 1 airsoft gun?

If it's still under warranty I would send it back to Crosman or at least contact customer service at Crosman.

Can a Classic Army AK series grenade launcher fit a Crosman Pulse R76 airsoft gun?

Anything is possible it you have enough money and a talented machinist.

Is the crosman pulse r76 a good airsoft gun?

It appears to be getting quite a few excellent reviews from pyramydair. Out of about 25 reviews everyone seems to really like it.

Where can you find a replacement battery for the crosman dp80 airsoft gun?

Contact Crosman. Email them. They should be able to help.

Is there a new crosman airsoft gun coming out?

See the link below for the airguns they currently have.

Will a well r8 airsoft gun's red dot sight fit on a pulse r74 airsoft gun?

Yes, but you should have rail mount base attached on the upper receiver of your pulse R74 first.

Where Do you Find Replacement Parts For Crosman Airsoft Gun?

I don't know if this will help by I would contact Crosman directly and ask them. (See the link below for Crosman contact page,)